Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Song No One Would Expect Me to Like

I'm going to attempt to do this memey thing called 30 Days of Song. I will not post this every day, because oh-my-pants-I'm-bored-already. Instead I'll post once or twice a week, as I feel like. So there. I am unrepentantly stealing this from Jen O. at My Tornado Alley. She rocks. I'm not sure if she stole it from somewhere, but here we go. 

A Song that No One Would Expect Me to Like

I like to think that I have a little bit of a rep. I mean, not like street cred, but still. I'm still holding onto grunge. I still believe that alternative is a thing. I'm indie. Ish. Anyway, I'm not the pop princess type, is what I'm saying here.

So, here's the thing... I really love Taylor Swift. And wait, before the yelling starts, let me say a few things. First of all, as a mom, I think it's hard not to love Taylor. She sings clean songs and wears clothes that cover her butt. She's not trampy or trashy or in and out of trouble. She's sort of the always-in-love girl, but you know what, so was I when I was her age. She'll grow out of it.

But even as an adult, I find her stuff sort of... refreshing. It's just kinda straight forward happy-making stuff. (And, okay, I'll admit it. I really want her to read Romeo and Juliet, because there is no way that she understands that everyone dies in the end. Or that they were 14. Or that it's basically a really screwed-up suicide pact.) But anyway. Love her.

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song - White Blank Page
Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Song - Barbie Girl
Day 3 -  A Song that Makes You Happy - Birdhouse in Your Soul
Day 4 - A Song that Makes You Sad - Anna Begins
Day 5 - A Song that Reminds you of Someone - Friend of the Devil
Day 6 - A Song that Reminds you of Somewhere - Least Complicated
Day 7 - A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event - Mrs. Potter's Lullaby
Day 8 - A Song that You Know All the Words To  - It's the End of the World as We Know It
Day 9 - A Song that You Can Dance to - Some Nights
Day 10 - A Song that Makes you Fall Asleep  - Ice Cream
Day 11 - A Song from your Favorite Band - Later On 
Day 12 - A Song from a band you Hate - Life is a Highway
Day 13 - A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure  - Loving You is the Dumbest Thing
Day 14 - A Song that No One Would Expect you to Love (today) - Mean
Day 15 - A Song that Describes You
Day 16 - A Song that You Used to Love but Now Hate
Day 17 - A Song that You Hear Often on the Radio
Day 18 - A Song that You Wish You Heard on the Radio
Day 19 - A Song from your Favorite Album
Day 20 - A Song that You Listen to When You're Angry
Day 21 - A Song that you Listen to when You're Happy
Day 22 - A Song that you Listen to when You're Sad
Day 23 - A Song that you Want to Play at your Wedding
Day 24 - A Song that you Want to Play at your Funeral
Day 25 - A Song that Makes you Laugh
Day 26 - A Song that you Can Play on an Instrument
Day 27 - A Song that you Wish you Could Play
Day 28 - A Song that Makes you Feel Guilty
Day 29 - A Song from Your Childhood
Day 30 - Your Favorite Song at this Time Last Year


Joni said...

Ok, so at the risk of revealing how ridiculously out of touch I am, this is the first Taylor Swift song I've listened to, and she is adorable! Gonna go find some others now... :)

Suze said...

She does seem mature beyond her years, too. Cute as the dickens at that.

I kinda love Adele. Is that oK???

Jessi said...

Joni - I think that's the advantage to having a boy. And, you know, living in another country. :)

Suze - I think it's totally acceptable to love Adele. I can't get enough Adele, honestly.