Monday, November 5, 2012

A Song I Can... Ha! Sorry, Dance To

I'm going to attempt to do this memey thing called 30 Days of Song. I will not post this every day, because oh-my-pants-I'm-bored-already. Instead I'll post once or twice a week, as I feel like. So there. I am unrepentantly stealing this from Jen O. at My Tornado Alley. She rocks. I'm not sure if she stole it from somewhere, but here we go. 

A Song that I Can Dance to

Hi, I'm not sure we've met. My name is Jessi. Once, in college, I decided to take ballet. Because I was stupid, I guess. Anyway, it was a natural disaster. The teacher didn't make me dance in the end of the semester recital-type thing because I was so bad that she didn't want to inflict me on anyone else. It was terrible.

Also, I can't dance. Not just ballet, but when I try to slow dance, I lead. When I dance by myself, which is really safer, I can't seem to pick up my feet. I'm a shoulder-hip, occasional floaty Grateful Dead hands dancer. I am right and truly terrible. I should be banned in dancing establishments. I used to like mosh pits because no one was watching you.

Have I sufficiently made my point here?

Okay, then. In the meantime, I've started listening to a pop-type station, because my kids like it and it keeps them from eating each other in the car. I am not even kidding. In the midst of my torture, I've discovered a few songs I like. (Weird, right?) And one particular song that makes it impossible for my little hiney to sit still. Here is that song, because it's the best I can do. A song that makes me wish I could dance in public.

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song - White Blank Page
Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Song - Barbie Girl
Day 3 -  A Song that Makes You Happy
Day 4 - A Song that Makes You Sad
Day 5 - A Song that Reminds you of Someone
Day 6 - A Song that Reminds you of Somewhere
Day 7 - A Song that Reminds You of a Certain Event
Day 8 - A Song that You Know All the Words To 
Day 9 - A Song that You Can Dance to (today)
Day 10 - A Song that Makes you Fall Asleep
Day 11 - A Song from your Favorite Band
Day 12 - A Song from a band you Hate
Day 13 - A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure
Day 14 - A Song that No One Would Expect you to Love
Day 15 - A Song that Describes You
Day 16 - A Song that You Used to Love but Now Hate
Day 17 - A Song that You Hear Often on the Radio
Day 18 - A Song that You Wish You Heard on the Radio
Day 19 - A Song from your Favorite Album
Day 20 - A Song that You Listen to When You're Angry
Day 21 - A Song that you Listen to when You're Happy
Day 22 - A Song that you Listen to when You're Sad
Day 23 - A Song that you Want to Play at your Wedding
Day 24 - A Song that you Want to Play at your Funeral
Day 25 - A Song that Makes you Laugh
Day 26 - A Song that you Can Play on an Instrument
Day 27 - A Song that you Wish you Could Play
Day 28 - A Song that Makes you Feel Guilty
Day 29 - A Song from Your Childhood
Day 30 - Your Favorite Song at this Time Last Year

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