Wednesday, August 7, 2013

35 Tings to Do While I'm 35

It's that time again! I am officially 35. I've really enjoyed the last two years' lists, even if I've failed miserably at them. Click to the right if you want to see the progress (or incredible lack thereof) of 33 Things and 34 Things.

This year's list is giving me fits. I'm having a really hard time coming up with things that I really feel strongly about doing and also think are moderately accomplish-able. For instance, I'd like to go to Alaska. I know that I will not be able to afford Alaska in the next 12 months. (Baring amazing.)

So, here we go. The best I can come up with.

35 Things to Do While I'm 35

  1. Consistently make my kids do chores - Much improvement. Maybe not "consistent" yet, though.
  2. Finish my book (take 2) - Whistling and looking the other way.
  3. Make the front of my house look like someone lives there (take 2)
  4. See 6 non-kid movies in the theater - Catching Fire, Veronica Mars, Divergent, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Occulus, Maleficent, The Fault in Our Stars, X-Men: Days of Future Past - completed 6/20/2014
  5. More music - less TV 
  6. Start work on my kitchen - Mudroom phase 1 complete, colors chosen, office removed
  7. Make a will - completed 7/20/2014
  8. Rebuild my emergency fund (take 2)
  9. Have a game night with the girls at least once a month - Succeeded in August, October, December, January and February - game night is totally overrated, right?
  10. Take way more pictures of the kids - eh.
  11. Take way more pictures of myself - the year of the selfie
  12. Open my Etsy shop
  13. Track what I read
  14. Read at least 60 books - 28. Shut up.
  15. Learn to knit (take 3) - completed 2/21/2014
  16. Knit a scarf to prove I can (take 3) - working on it
  17. Clean the basement - In progress
  18. Have a bookcase in every room (except the bathroom) - Living Room, Maren's Room, Kitchen, My Room, Brynna's Room - Done!!
  19. Quit it with the Pop-Tarts - Pop Tarts once, not bad...
  20. Dress like me - better...
  21. Make my bedroom into my happy place - new bed in progress, colors chosen, new bedding
  22. Get housecleaning under control - working so hard on this!
  23. Make 20 of my pins
  24. Take the girls somewhere they've never been
  25. Do something fun for me every month - January - aquarium, March - Veronica Mars, April - Captain America, May - Montessori fundraiser, June - X-Men, August - drive in
  26. Play with the kids (again)
  27. Add to my zombie apocalypse skill list - does knitting count?
  28. Walk 200 miles
  29. Go on a first date - done
  30. Write something every day
  31. Crochet more - I crocheted more this December than I have in the past year combined.
  32. Spend more time doing things that I love
  33. Spend more time with people I love
  34. Never read more than 100 pages of a book I hate
  35. Laugh loud and often
Updated 8/3/2014


Suze said...

That's a great list!
Only what's wrong with books in the bathroom, yo? Sometimes that's where you really need one...

Jessi said...

I have no problem with books in the bathroom in theory. My problem in practice lies in two parts: 1. tiny, tiny bathroom, 2. Children who haven't figured out towels and drip all over everything. Books are not waterproof.

Thanks, though. Hopefully, I'll make more progress with this year's than last year's.