Thursday, April 12, 2012

About Me

About Jessi or LadyJess
(depending on how you got here)

I am:
  • Clinically Insane - I perhaps lack paperwork, but I make up for it with a collection of neuroses that rival only serial killers and clowns. I am afraid of being trapped, silence, Charles Manson, dead things, mice and really bright sunshine. I am not afraid of vampires, bats, snakes, tornadoes or zombies. Go figure.
  • A Crafter - It's possible that this counts under clinically insane. It does lead to hoarding and the annoying habit of picking up trash and saying, "Oooh. Wouldn't this make a lovely mixing bowl." Forgive me. I also crochet.
  • Single - I am recently divorced. I talk about it some.  I actually kinda like it.
  • A Mom - I have two beautiful and amazing kids who drive me crazy, make me laugh, cuddle up with me in front of the TV and sing Indigo Girls songs. They are pretty spectacular. 
  • A Huge and Unrelenting Geek with Only Moderate Geek Cred - I read comics, but only those with no superheroes, I love SciFi, but am neither a Trekkie or one of those people who can remember if Admiral Akbar is a good guy or a bad guy. (Good guy, right? These are the things that keep me up at night.) I love Joss Whedon, They Might Be Giants, Wil Wheaton and British genre shows. I say things like "I love British genre shows." I have a degree in English Lit, which means that sometimes I wax rhapsodic about TV as literature or the place of faith in modern Science Fiction. I also read. A lot.
  • Ridiculously Insecure - So, you know, just like every other girl on the planet.
  • A Pof - Or Person of Faith for those of you who are not me. I go to church, I read the Bible, I do all of that stuff. I'm a Christian, mostly.
  • A Believer - Here's the thing. I believe in ghosts, I believe that zombies are one irresponsible government move away and that we will one day colonize another planet. Yes, I am insane. We covered that. No, I'm not crazy.
  • A Writer - As long as you share my definition of writer as "a person who writes." 
Other Things I Do:


ann said...

Oh, just noticed you forgot "awesome" and "beautiful." I really like your "about me" page. I love your writing.

Lisa said...

I laughed so hard at your irresponsible government zombie comment. :-)