Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Song that Reminds me of Brynna

I'm going to attempt to do this memey thing called 30 Days of Song. I will not post this every day, because oh-my-pants-I'm-bored-already. Instead I'll post once or twice a week, as I feel like. So there. I am unrepentantly stealing this from Jen O. at My Tornado Alley. She rocks. I'm not sure if she stole it from somewhere, but here we go. 

A Song that Reminds Me of Someone

Truth be told, most songs that remind me of someone remind me of crazy exes. I'm not sure why, but there is a whole collection of songs that I hear and automatically I fall back into whatever unhealthy relationship I was in when the song came out. And I could make you guys a list, but that's mostly stuff I don't like to relive.

On the other hand, there's "Friend of the Devil." Not long before Brynna was born, Counting Crows came out with a new greatest hits type album, Songs About Ghosts. And one of the new tracks on the disc was a cover of Grateful Dead's "Friend of the Devil." It wasn't long before that was my often replayed track and I was wearing it out.

When Brynna came along, I tried really hard to sing her lullabies. I'm a big believer in lullabies, but for some reason, they are all really short. I tried singing "Rock a Bye Baby" on a loop, but I'd always get bored and kinda trail off. So, one night when she was only a few days old, at about 3 a.m, I found myself singing "Friend of the Devil." I guess because I knew all the words. It quieted her right down and for years I swore that it was her favorite song.

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