Monday, October 1, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Brynna Edition

I am a bad mother. Last week, I started this and then things got crazy and life got ahead of me and I completely forgot to finish it. You know, I forget to finish blog posts all the time, but not birthday posts for my kids. Those are kinda important. So, here you go. Late and all, but Happy Belated Birthday my Sweet Peazle Pigeon Princess.

You know what happens when your birthday is on a Friday?
You get to stay up late and party like a (G-rated) rock star?
Sure, but also...
You get to eat chocolate donuts for breakfast and take pencils to school to give to all your friends?
Well, yes, but...
You get to wear your brand-spanking new Monster High tee shirt to school and be the envy of the entire third grade?
Uh-huh... And...
I don't know. What?
You get to give up your normally sappy-mommy-loves-you-sooooooo-much birthday post for a funny and cute Five Things Post.
Are you talking about your blog again?

Five Things You Should Know About Brynna
1. I was wrong, she's totally going to be into horror movies - I used to think that Brynna wouldn't love horror movies because she is so easily scared. I forgot entirely that the reason I love horror movies is because they scare the socks off of me. I just happen to like being scared. Sort of like people who jump out of airplanes, only sane. Brynna is very into vampires, ghosts, werewolves and all other manner of monsters. Except zombies. She draws the line at zombies. That's okay. There are plenty of vampire movies to keep us busy until she grows into zombies.

2. She has reading-related ADD - I am one of those people who likes to finish a book before I start another. In fact, at almost any point if I slow down in my reading, it's probably because I'm not enjoying the book I'm reading but I don't wanna quit. Brynna is the opposite. She is currently reading about seven books. Of the seven, she will probably only finish five. Because she has standards, people. Or because she gets bored or can't remember where she left it or doesn't know that word and doesn't feel like getting the dictionary or because she got scared or whatever. The point is that she is going to wallow in this pile of books like Scrooge McDuck in his gold and you are going to get used to it.

3. She smiles terrible on film but amazing in real life - Almost every picture I own of the girl features this stupid, simpering smile. Like she's so above this school photographer nonsense. Even if it's mommy at the camera. But when she real-life smiles - the lights come on. Birds sing. The shutters shake. Unfortunately, no one who doesn't know her personally will ever see this smile. Sorry.

4. She is wicked brave in the face of hole punches - It seems that her mother lied to her about the pain of ear piercing. In my defense, I don't remember it hurting. I remember there being pressure and then a pinch. Quick like. Apparently, when you are eight, it hurts. Long and good with the soreness afterward, too. But, even with her fat pain tears rolling down her face, she never wavered. She wanted these suckers and she was getting them. When I told her about the cleaning and the care and that if she didn't follow the rules they would grow in and she'd have to do it again... Well, let's just say that she hasn't missed a cleaning yet.

5. She is mine and you can't have her - Look, you probably wouldn't want her anyway. She's a kinda drama queen. You should probably stick to your own kids. This one, this beautiful, sweet, funny, sassy, intelligent, wondrous being is mine, all mine. She is my constant reminder that good things happen. that patience pays off, that love will win and that there is more love inside you than you ever dreamed possible.

Mine. Tell me something about yours.

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