Monday, January 11, 2010

Worst Weekend Ever

So, I was snowbound for almost three days, my husband lost his job, the computer broke (making finding a new one a wee bit difficult) and my car door broke. I may or may not have also stood up my dentist.

So, since I am incapable of thought, can't post at home until my computer gets fixed and forgot to bring pictures for crochet posts, I have a meme!

(Thank you Ann and Everett!)

I. Worst Four Memories of 2009
1. Going back to work after maternity leave
2. Losing Marley-Bones
3. Swine Flu
4. This messy night

II. Best Eight Memories of 2009:
1. Listening to Maren begin to talk
2. Brynna's last first day of Montessori
3. Book club - all of them
4. Watching Scott County almost win state in football
5. Maren's first steps
6. Taking Brynna to see The Princess and the Frog
7. Peggy's Preakness party
8. Taking the girls to the Sweet Corn Festival

III. Four Biggest Accomplishments
1. Joined Twitter
2. Didn't kill anybody
3. Stayed married
4. Whatever - I suck. I have no accomplishments

IV. Biggest Failures
1. Didn't get mother of the year
2. Failed to kill someone.
3. Failed to get a DVR like the rest of the world.
4. Whatever, I don't have failures either. At least I'm 0 for 0.

V. Favorite 4 Movies seen in the theatre in 2009:
1. Watchmen
2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
3. District 9
4. The Spirit
I'm amazed I can come up with 4.

VI. Favorite 5 Non-fiction books read in 2009
1. Crochet in style.
2. Have I mentioned I don't really read nonfiction.
3. I mean, I want to because it's good for you and all, but eh. I just don't.
4. I thought about it some, though.
5. Oooh! Bluegrass Conspiracy. Yay! I thought of one!

VII. 5 Favorite Fiction Books read in 2009
1. The Aunt Dimity series
2. Ordinary People
3. Just After Sunset
4. My Big Fat Supernatural books
5. Watchmen

VIII. Favorite Fiction/Non-fiction hybrid book of 2009
1. I can't believe this is a category. I don't even know what this means.

IX. 4 Goals for 2010 (I've got lots of these but here are 4)
1. Take the GRE
2. Get the house clean and keep it that way
3. Start walking
4. Learn to knit

X. Song of 2009: "Party in the USA." Yes, I know what you are thinking, but you've got to see Brynna sing it and do her little dance. Totally worth it.

XI. 4 TV Show of 2009
1. Glee
2. Supernatural
3. Burn Notice
4. Doctor Who


Mrs. Allroro said...

I'm so sorry! I will pray for you guys.

Congratulations on staying married. That is actually a good one for "accomplishments." It's hard to do, even when husbands are good men like ours.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I'm soo sooo sorry! Consider yourselves on my prayer list, as well. I mean, you already were for general health/wellbeing/yada yada, but I'll add "job hunting" and "computer issues" as well.

Jessi said...

You all are awesome!

Steve said...

So sorry to hear your bad news, especially the job. Hope you're all sorted soon.