Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Official Day of Maternity Leave

So, this is it. My last official day of maternity leave. Tomorrow begins my weekend and my prep to return to the working world. You know, getting back on a normal person schedule, making sure that I have clean clothes that aren't sweats or pajamas, figuring out if I still own a purse or if I am so used to living out the diaper bag now that they've all disintegrated...

And then Monday, I go to work. I can't decide what I am most nervous about. It could be leaving Maren in the care of a woman I like and trust but don't really know. It could be just leaving her at all. It could be sitting in an office chair and doing real work for an hour. It could be getting three whole people dressed and out of the house by 7:30. I mean, I kinda do it now, but I'm not really dressed, just sweats and hair brushed. Monday, I'll have to wear real clothes and jewelry and make-up, and I'll hopefully straighten my hair.

It has gone way too fast. My little girl isn't nearly old enough for my maternity leave to be over. I am not nearly well-rested enough.

So, today, I nap. And read. And shop. Because this is it. The last day I have time to do those things. Tomorrow, I clean and cook and get ready to return to the real world, but today is a day for enjoying what time I have left.

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