Friday, June 5, 2009


That's right. Today is my last day at work for a week!!! I know it doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but trust me, it is. I can't remember my last whole week vacation. Well, unless you count maternity leave which was eight weeks, but I don't. Any time you have to have major abdominal surgery and then try to haul around an infant, deal with crying jags and midnight feedings, you are not on vacation. You come back to work for the rest.

So, what are we doing, you ask. Where are we going? Disney World maybe? Nope. We are the Broke Family Robinson. We have a week of "local fun and flavor" planned.

Saturday - Work day at the church. About the polar opposite from vacation. But whatever.

Sunday - Church, lunch, library summer reading program kick off including magicians and face painting and stuff.

Monday - Dr. for Maren's six month check up. Lots of measuring and weighing and telling me my baby is freakin' huge. Which I already know. Then probably the park and other free stuff until story time at the library which is also free.

Tuesday - Brynna and I are getting haircuts. I don't know what else we'll do. We've discussed maybe seeing Up in 3-D, or going to the Explorium. Whatever's clever.

Wednesday - The Zoo!!!!!! Can you tell I love the zoo. I am a ridiculous fan of the zoo. I never outgrew the zoo. Which is weird because in theory, I am all: Zoo's bad. Taking animals out of habitat, bad. But in practice I'm all: Look! Look! It's a polar bear! I love polar bears. I want to hug it briefly and then scream whilst it tears off my head. Who will ride the merry-go-round with me?!?"

Thursday - The Aquarium!!! Possibly better than the zoo. The same kind of thrill, but with air conditioning. And sting rays. I love stingrays. Also, last I checked there was no petting at the zoo and you can totally pet some crustaceans at the aquarium. Also, maybe the mall. I hate the mall, but Bryn loves the play area there and she could use some new shoes since all of her summer shoes have already fallen apart.

Friday - Maybe pictures. We're going to do Maren's six month pictures along with some pictures of the two of them together and then probably some of Brynna just so I can have more control than I do with a school one. Also, maybe whatever we didn't do on Tuesday.

Saturday - Sleep. Probably not really. I bet that the kids won't sleep. I'll probably go to the grocery.

Sunday - Church, Lunch. Force the kids back to their normally scheduled bedtimes in an attempt to ensure that they are human at 7 Monday morning.

I'm telling you all this because, while I fully intend to blog next week, you should know that I probably won't get to every day. I'm especially thinking Weds. and Thurs. because of the fun animal viewing.

Hope you all have the best possible week. I'll see ya when I see ya.


Strangeite said...

Today is my last day at work before taking off for a week too. However, instead of a relaxing week full of fun activites, I will be spending it with your mother pulling our hair out.

I must admit that I am surprised to hear that anyone has plans for next week that don't involve the Festival of the Bluegrass. I was brainwashed into believing that the world comes to a halt during Festival week and anyone not devoting 24 hours a day to the Festival is a heathen (or worse, a Republican).

I guess that it is possible for others to spend the second week of June doing other things, but my brain would snap if I consider the possibility too long.

Jessi said...

Well, I may be a heathen, but I am NOT a Republican. The festival just sort of isn't my thing. I like Bluegrass Music. Just not enough to listen to it for four straight days. I kinda like it best in rotation with Bad Religion and R.E.M. in my Pandora. Also, working there means that on my vacation, I intend to not ever come within 10 miles of it.

Have fun, though.

Strangeite said...

I realize that others aren't as crazy as us Cornetts. Years of indoctrination.

I do feel for your mother though. Not only is she worked ragged, but she has to put up with me.

BTW, I love your mom, I would be lost without her.

Strangeite said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jessi said...

Yes, but I try to keep geographical indicators out, since I use the kids' real names. I know, I know, I'm paranoid, but better paranoid than sorry.

Sorry about removing your comment. I think, in general it's kinda a crappy thing to do, but you know...

Strangeite said...

Don't sweat it. I just asked because I was curious. I bet you hear all kinds of awful things about us.

Jessi said...

Nope. I'm in the NHC, so blissfully removed from all the politics of the main org. But, I hate your traffic. Not as bad as some events, but worse than some.

Strangeite said...

Oh, one more thing. You should never feel bad about deleting a comment for whatever reason. You are the omnipotent deity of this blog and frequent and discrimintate use of your BAN HAMMER OF GOD!!! not only keeps the mortals in line but makes them fearful of incurring your wraith.

Remember the moral of Ghostbusters, if someone asks if you are a god you say "YES!"