Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aaaag! My baby is 26 weeks old!

So, like most internet-addicted mothers I know, I receive a weekly update on milestones, practices, habits, etc. from about 79 sources. With Brynna, I read each and every one of them like an addict slurping down absinthe. (Is absinthe addictive?) On my second kid, now, I find myself less than interested. Since she is currently sprouting teeth and screaming like a banshee (I forgot about teething honestly. I remembered enough to shudder every time I heard the word, but I forgot the abject panic of baby in pain and there is NOTHING else I can do.) I read one the other day about calming teething anxiety. It turned out to be my anxiety, not hers, which I don't really need. I need a miracle that is safe for babies and completely anesthetic.

The teething face

Anyway, the point of all that rambling was that I don't read them. I don't even glance at them mostly. I only open the ones from Johnson's and Nestle and Gerber, scan them for coupons and then delete. But every once in a while something catches my eye.

There is, at this moment, a message in my email informing me that my baby is 26 weeks old. For those of you slow on the math, that's half a freakin' year. I have been making vague plans for 6 month pictures. (She has nothing to wear because she is in 12 month clothes. I don't have many 12 month clothes at this point.) She's going to turn 6 months, officially on our vacation next week. I have been mostly aware of this coming nonsense, but there is nothing like a black print subject line to say, "Time is getting away from you. You don't use the camera enough, you still don't have a single video of her and she's growing up, dammit, these days are numbered."

I knew time went faster when you had kids. I already had a kid. But I didn't know that the speed of time doubles with every child. I didn't know it would get worse. I didn't know that on her six month birthday I would still feel like I had only been back from maternity leave for about a week and a half.

Let's face it, by the time I get adjusted to her being able to sit up, she'll be in school.

Dear Maren,
Please forgive me for trying to change your diaper at your high school graduation. I remember, now that you are eighteen. It just seems like I just got this email that said that you were 26 weeks old. Did all of your teeth come in? Yes, I'm glad. Just wake me in time for your wedding, okay?
Mommy MaMa MumMum Mom


Suze said...

And my babies aren't babies anymore! (Though they were babies recently enough that I don't miss it all that much, what with the constant fussing and spit-up and all...)

lol the graduation letter, btw. Mine will say something like "Dear Daniel, Please forgive me for checking your pants on the way to the podium to accept your diploma. I thought you would NEVER POTTY TRAIN."

Steph said...

Absinthe is very anxiety-reducing. Trust me.

And, sadly, addictive. But not so much because of the booze as the yummy licorice taste.

Anonymous said...

wow yes time goes by fast! My daughter is 6 months old, and we co-sleep, i am used to the idea of her sleeping with us, i love tha fact that she cuddes with me and needs me....awww time goes by fast.