Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hey, all, it's May 19th. It boggles my mind every year that this is not yet considered a national holiday. Not because it's the birthday of my best friend from elementary school or my most persistent college crush, or even my aunt. Today is the anniversary of the birth of the world's most awesome woman - my mom.

Here are a few things you should know about my mom. You know, for when she finally takes over the world, and you are forced to celebrate her birth with those of us who are early converts.

  • She takes care of everyone  - Honestly, she'd be a pretty benevolent overlord because she is always looking out for everyone else. She worries and stresses and fights and gives to make sure that everyone around her is always okay. 
  • She is wicked strong - No matter how dire my world has felt, Mom has put it into perspective with just a few words. She has weathered a lot, especially in the last couple of years and she is still a brilliant light, not dimmed by adversity. She is a rock and we are lucky to have her to hold onto.
  • She's beautiful - Like many a lady, she doesn't see it in herself, but she is gorgeous, especially when she's laughing. She lights up a room and commands attention. And I'm not just saying that because everyone says we look alike.
  • She is a great mom - I haven't always been just what she hoped for, I know that. I am weird and a little crazy and we don't always speak the same language. I've made choices she questioned and choices she right out hated. But she has always been there, she has always loved me and she has always supported me. We may not always agree, but I know that she's always there, even when we are actively disagreeing, she's still on my side in the bigger picture.
  • She's mine - you can't have her. Look, I know how great she is, but she can't only take care of so many kids. Between me and my brother and my future sister in law and my kids, she's got her hands full. Maybe when one of us grows up. If that ever happens.
I love you, Mom. You are my raft in the ocean, my parachute in a crashing plane, my net on the tightrope. I can only do great things because I know you've got my back.

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