Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conversations with Kids

It was late. Like 9:00. Shut up, that's late for me during the school year. I wanted to watch Sherlock and Brynna wouldn't go to bed. I didn't want to make her because we already knew that the next day was a snow day and it just didn't seem worth it. I figured, Sherlock is safe enough and also, maybe, boring for a nine year old? So, maybe she'd get bored and hurry up and go to bed. I turned it on.

Bridesmaid on Sherlock: The famous Mr. Holmes! I'm very pleased to meet you. But no sex, okay?
Sherlock: Um, sorry?
Bridesmaid: You don't have to look so scared. I'm only messing. Bridesmaid, best man... It's a bit traditional.
Me: No, it's not.
Brynna looking shocked: I would never make my bridesmaids do that!
Me: No, I mean, no one makes them, it's just... You know what? Nevermind. Go to bed. NOW.

Maren is sort of obsessed with commercials. She believes everything and is constantly looking for the next great thing for all of us, everywhere.

Maren: Mommy, I want that.
Me: Of course you do.
Maren: What do you mean?
Me: I mean, you want everything on TV. Regardless of whether or not you need it.
Maren: But I do, I do need it. For outside my door. Then, when I get up in the middle of the night, I can see to get in your bed.
Me: Wait. What? I wasn't paying attention. What is this thing you need?
Maren: It's a light that comes on when you move.
Me: A motion detector. For in the house?
Maren: Well, they had it on a garage and by a front door and stuff, but I want to put it in the hallway.

Maren: Can we go to Disney World again?
Me: Yes, but not this year.
Brynna: Can we go somewhere this year?
Me: I'd like to, but we'll just have to see. Where would you guys like to go?
Maren confused: Um... Disney World?
Me: Yes, but where else?
Brynna also confused: Disneyland?
Me: Someplace not Disney.
Brynna: Oh. China.
Me: Somewhere domestic. In this country.
Brynna: Um... Chinatown?
Me: You know what, how about I come back with options?


Meeshie said...

This.. made me giggle. ;)

Strangeite said...

My kids are always asking about going back to Disney and our next trip isn't until January.

I have found a way to scratch that itch though. If you have a copy of Minecraft, there is a group that are recreating the entirety of WDW on their multiplayer server.

And when I say the entirety of WDW, I mean all of it. Right now they have completed all 4 parks, the Ticket and Transportation Center, Poly, GF, Contemporay and all 3 monorail lines. Blizzard Beach and Downtown Disney are almost finished.

Walking around the Magic Kingdom, taking a quick ride on Splash Mountain and popping in to see Cinderella at CRT on a Minecraft server is more fun than it sounds.

Jessi said...

Meeshie - Thanks!

Strangeite - We haven't played Minecraft, but that does sound like fun.

Cathy G. said...

No, Nope, No Way! I don't know what Minecraft is but there is no way that it is even comparable to Disney! Just look at the photos from the last trip and plan what you want to do first on the next trip, but virtual way!!!