Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversations with an Eight Year Old

It's been a while since I've done conversations with Brynna. The thing about being eight is that your precious misunderstanding phase is largely over. The memorable conversations are memorable for much different reasons. Like these:

Me: Brynna, wake up.
Brynna: Can I snooze.
Me: No, you cannot. Sorry. The power is out, we didn't lay out clothes and we have to get dressed in the dark. This means more time.
Brynna: I hate the dark. Why is the power out?
Me: There was a storm last night.
Brynna: Hm. Do you think that God sent the storm to make me less afraid of the dark?

Brynna: You're the best person in the world.
Me: No, I'm really not. But thank you anyway.
Brynna: Seriously. You are. Who's a better person than you?
Me: Hm. Mother Theresa.
Brynna: Who's that?
Me: She was a nun and she gave up everything to live in poverty and take care of children and feed the hungry. She spoke out for those who were marginalized and took care of the sick. She was a pretty awesome person.
Brynna: What do you mean was? Is she dead?
Me: Yes, she died a few years ago.
Brynna: O-Kay. Well, then you are the best living person in the world. Really Mom, dead people don't count.

Brynna: Don't push.
Maren: I'm not pushing.
Brynna: You are so. I almost fell. Don't push.
Maren: You are soo mean. I'm not pushing.
Brynna: Then why did I almost fall? Huh? Huh?
Maren: Maybe you tripped?
Brynna: Oh. Maybe. Huh. Could be.

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