Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Things on Friday: Bad Decision Edition

Wish I were here.
One of the things that I really try to drive home to my kids is the concept of choices. You make them all the time. They have consequences: good and bad. You live with them and they shape how your life looks.

It's an ongoing thing. Especially for me. Because no matter how much I talk and talk to them I just seem to keep making the same bad choices. Here are

Five Bad Decisions I've Recently Made

1. To paint my living room - this weekend. I do this thing where I decide that something needs to be redecorated right now and I can't wait any longer. I also do this other thing where I know in my pretty little head that I have this thing on Saturday at 2 and this other thing on Saturday at 2 and it never occurs to me that those are essentially the same times. So, this weekend, I have to take the girls to Girl Scouts tonight, chaperone a troop trip to Disney on Ice on Saturday, and work all Sunday afternoon and evening for our biannual Board meeting. Of course, I should paint the biggest room in my house. Su-ure.

2. To buy produce. I don't know when I'll learn that this is pretty much always a bad idea for me. I have lofty aspirations, I buy food, I put it in the fridge, my week goes up in flames and suddenly, I have week old everything and haven't eaten a single radish.

3. To make salads when I was tired. I did, however, try to make salads this week. The problem was that I forgot to do it the night before, got up early and stumbled bleary eyed into the kitchen. I tore up the house trying to find a measuring spoon so that I could measure the dressing. Because I'm being good, that's why. Finally found it, and began layering the salad. I was obscenely proud of myself. Took it to work. Discovered that I did not put enough lettuce in said salad and I had something akin to lettuce soup.

4. To open the windows. Welcome to Kentucky. If you don't like the weather, well, you probably will before I finish this sentence. It's been hot. Like 80's, so not miserable, but still hot. I knew it wouldn't last, so I didn't turn on the air conditioning, but laying in bed last night, I felt like I was going to suffocate. So I opened my bedroom window. What I forgot was that there was a storm comin'. I woke up this morning freezing and sleeping on a wet pillow.

5. To put off laundry. I have been sooo tired lately. I've come to realize that between my thyroid, my depression and my actual honest-to-goodness lack of sleep, the only thing I can do in these times is the best I can. Go to bed early, sleep as late as possible. Take my vitamins, eat well and exercise. And go easy on myself. So, this entire week, I've been sort of lackadaisical about laundry. So, three day Board meeting this weekend, clean clothes: none. Girls with the Ex for the weekend: Clean clothes: None. Seriously. I cobbled something together for the girls, but if I don't do something tonight, I'm going to spend the weekend painting naked.

Make me feel better... What bad decisions have you made lately?


Lisa said...

Oh that's easy. I ate half a bag of potato chips in about 30 minutes during E's nap. I haven't finished a single knitting project in over a month even though I had aspirations of opening an Etsy shop. I burned dinner because I thought I could get it to brown faster if I turned on the broiler. I should never use the broiler. Ever. I made cookies and decided to substitute maple syrup for brown sugar. Don't ever do that. I tried to use a sticker chart to get E excited about potty training. She just had a meltdown because I wouldn't let her have all the stickers right now.
I probably have more, that should be enough :)

Lisa said...

Also laundry is terrible. Laundry and dishes. It's all I ever do (we don't have a dishwasher).

Jessi said...

I should never use the broiler, either. I only use it for toast and melting butter. I usually burn the toast and catch the butter on fire. Laundry should be outlawed and clothes should be disposable.