Thursday, October 11, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I gotz business cards.
I must be legit.

I am sitting in the airport. I haven’t flown in 14 years. I have to admit that I’m a little nervous. I’m through security, though and that was the thing about which I was most nervous. There is something terrifying about getting in line with all these people who clearly know what they are doing and panicking that maybe I left my keys in my pockets or these earrings that weigh less than an ounce, but are freakin’ huge might set of the metal detector. (What set off the detector was the back of my head. I don’t have a plate in my head, or to my knowledge, any kind of reason to worry about the back of my head, but there you go.)

My flight doesn’t leave for four hours, so I’m so super-early it’s not even funny. I just bought a Coke for $2.50 because I needz my caffeine. Cold and carbonated, please.

I’m here so early because beggars of rides can't be choosers of rides. Because I am way too cheap to pay for the right of parking my car in a huge lot where no one will notice if someone blows it into a million pieces. Of course, I hate my car, so maybe that would have been smarter.

In any case, here I sit, all excited and happy. I’m excited about flying. I used to really love to fly. Who knows, now. I’m excited about Atlanta, which is one of my favorite cities I’ve only ever driven through. But mostly I’m excited about the Aiming Low Non Conference. I’m excited to meet a lot of folks I read and some that I don’t. I’m excited to see Ree, of the Pioneer Woman fame, again.

I’m excited to be around people who are like me. Writers. Bloggers. Geeks. Beta Parents. Whatever. I’m excited to be going and bonding and wandering aimlessly around Callaway Gardens.

Which reminds me, if you are going too and you see me either walking with purpose or sitting all alone, know that these are my coping mechanisms and that I want desperately to talk to you. Whoever you are.  If you are less awkward than I am, say the first thing. I’ll try to be witty and make you glad that you did. 


Suze said...

Awesome. I hope you have SO MUCH FUN!!!!

ann said...

Me too. This is one of my very favorite blogs. I hope more people get to read it because of this conference. Be brave :-) bc you are AWESOME.

Jessi said...

Thanks girls. I am having a great time and learning so much.