Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Spring Obsession Edition

You know, I am a winter person. I like it cold, is what I'm saying. But, nevertheless, there is something undeniably magical about Spring. The rebirth, the sun, the rain, the warm, but not yet hot weather. I can't help but love Spring. Also, I love Fall. So I guess the only season I don't love is Summer. Evil summer.

Five Things I am Obsessed with This Spring

1. Hyacinths - All my favorite flowers are bulbs. But I think my favoritest of favorites is hyacinths. At my house, these are the first blooms to pop into the world. I have pink ones and purple ones and they always surprise me. Every year I see them and it's like a long-awaited announcement of Spring. Plus they smell like heaven.

2. Car windows - Nothing says Spring to me better than turning up the radio, rolling down the radio and rocking out. People may look at me funny, but rest assured that my hair flying wildly around the cabin is keeping me from seeing it.

3. Indigo Girls - I think it's Shaming of the Sun, or maybe three years of Lilith Fair, but whenever I hear the Indigo Girls, I am instantly transported to warm weather, flip flops and lazy days.

4. Braids - Ever since Brynna was born, I have wanted to fix her hair. She has resisted. She has this perfect, straight and thick hair that is so much fun to play with. But she has a tender scalp and a really tender ego and will barely allow me to be in the same room with her while holding a brush.  Until about two weeks ago, that is. Since then, I've given her about five braids, given Maren about three and given myself a couple as well. I think we're all gonna grow our hair out so that I can braid even more.

5. Lemonade - Lemonade is one of my life staples. There is no happiness in the world without it. And if there's one thing that topping 70 degrees means to me, it's lemonade.

What are you obsessed with this Spring?

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