Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Things on Friday - Kids' Clothes Edition

My kids... Have I mentioned lately how cute my kids are? I mean, they are totally cute. Probably almost as cute as your kids. Definitely cuter than Suri Cruise (unless Katie Holmes reads my blog, then *blush* exactly as cute as Suri Cruise).

In any case, Brynna has this new top. From Lilybugs, you know. And it's smocked on top. Not fancy smocked, but sundress smocked. With elastic. Anyway - And, wow, do I love smocking. A lot. As anyone who wears over a C cup knows, however, there are just some people who can't pull off smocking. And it got me thinking about how much I love my kids' clothes and how I wish I could wear them. Which leads me to...

Five Kids Fashions I Wish I Could Wear

1. Ridiculous Shoes - Kids' shoes have bows and flowers and lights and they are crazy colors and have big funky ribbon laces. I love kids's shoes. Shoes should never stop being fun.

Drake's Dresser
2. Leggings - So, I know that some adults can wear leggings, and I suppose that given the right outfit (like a knee length dress) I could wear leggings, too. But I maintain that leggings and Jessi just do not get along. Like even a little. Maybe someday I'll be swayed, but it will not be this day.

3. Backpacks - Trust me on this, after a certain age, you either look silly or like a wannabe hacker with a backpack. It's just the facts, ma'am. I'm sorry. I really am. I still have my bright red LL Bean, so I know how you feel.

4. Rainboots - You know who always looks precious in rain boots? Kids. You know who would look like they were trying too hard, plus have hot, sweaty, miserable feet in rainboots? Me.

5. Sailor Dresses - I'm pretty sure that the only way for an adult to wear a sailor suit is to star in Japanese porn. I may be making wide generalizations, here, but I doubt it.

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Suze said...

lol japanese porn!!!