Friday, August 12, 2011

Five Things on Friday - Ridiculous Spending Edition

At approximately midnight last night, there was a loud crashing noise from the front portion of my house. The Husband and I both sat straight up in bed and looked at each other with alarm.

"You go, I'm in my underwear," he said to me.
"Whatever. You go. The girls need me to live more."

A few minutes later he got back and tumbled into bed.

"It's fine."
"Ooookay. Well, what was it?"
"The cats playing in the tub," this was muffled by whatever the manly version of giggling is.
"I cannot figure out for the life of me why they do that," I responded.
"Because the tub drips every once in a while and they like running water." he is ever the pragmatic one, even at midnight.
"When I'm rich, I'm going to buy one of those automatic cat water fountains," I responded. This, in turn set off a whole list of things we would buy if we were rich. Which was kind of funny and probably tells you more about me than an entire personality inventory.

Five Things I Would Buy If I Were Rich
    1. Retro Appliances - Of all the cool, but totally ridiculous things that I want for my kitchen (and trust me, there are a lot) this is probably the coolest and the most ridiculous. I don't know what the appeal is, but I really, really want appliances that are a fun color and look like they came straight from 1952 in a time machine. Like the Doctor brought my kitchen. I'm most swayed by fridge's, but ovens and even dishwashers have the capacity to make me drool. 
    2. Pens - I'm going to tell you this at the risk of sounding very, very cheap. I don't like to buy pens. Pens sort of happen. You know, politicians leave them in your door, banks hand them out, ones from work accidentally get stuck in your planner. But despite this, I am a lover of good pens. I'm not talking about fancy-schmancy silver pens or fountain pens or the type of pen you want to have on an interview. I'm talking about pens that make it enjoyable to write. My favorites are Uniball vision elites and I allow myself about one package a year. But someday, there will be maniacal laughter and I will own them in every color.
    3.One of those minivans you can move into - Yeah, that's right. Not only would I buy the same style vehicle I already have, but bigger and more ungainly too. I want an entertainment system, separate seat climate control, and some dohicky that could allow my kids to listen to Hannah Montanna to their hearts' content while I rock out to The Offspring - without the volume-knob-cuss-editing. Seating that folds flat into the floor? You betcha! Chairs that swivel around for eating or gameplaying? Of course! Sleeping gas in the backseat vents? Sign me up! I am all about some minivan magic.
    4.Two-hour shoes - My friend Jen loves shoes as much, if not more, than I do. She has waay more shoes than I do, though. Part of the reason for that is that she isn't feeding a pack of wild dogs kids. The other part is that she has this fabulous shoe rating system: by hours. An eight hour shoe is a good shoe for work. And all day shoe is good for walking. A four hour shoe should be saved for dates and parties. A two hour shoe is only good for a handful of occasions. I only own all day shoes, because I am too lazy and cheap for this rating system. I drool over shoes, but then I move on and buy another pair of black ballet flats. Why black? Because I'm too cheap for shoes that don't match everything in my wardrobe. Did I mention that I don't buy navy anything because that would require navy shoes?
    5.Craft Supplies - I have about 900 projects in my queue. Things I want to do, but can't yet because I need... Well, everything from ribbons to broken windows, from thread to cable spools, from fabric to palettes. Someday, I'll make a master shopping list and a priority list so I know what I need  - right now - to do the projects that matter most. In the meantime, I just constantly browse the yarn section. 
Okay, your turn? What would you spend the dough on if you didn't have to worry about money? What is the one ridiculous thing that would make your life tick? 


Orlandel said...

2013 Huayra Pagani - because the US won't allow them sold here yet. They are child-safety approved.

Price tag? $1,000,000.00 (Who would let a child in a car this expensive???)

Jessi said...

WOW! Also, I wouldn't even let my kids breathe on that car. Color me impressed.

Suze said...

I would build a brick oven for baking pizza and bread in the back yard. TOTALLY ridiculous, but it would be TOTALLY awesome!!