Monday, August 15, 2011

Making It! - Spring/Summer Wreath

I have discovered that I am obsessed. With wreaths. I never knew this about myself. My husband probably could have told you that I harbored an obsession based on the 752 wreaths in my basement and the compulsion to always buy grapevine wreaths at yard sales. I've always enjoyed making wreaths and when I started my Random Craftiness book, I knew that wreaths needed their own section, because I already had a lot of ideas ready to go.

Then, I joined Pinterest. (You may have heard.) In any case, I started out throwing wreath ideas in my "For the Home" Board and quickly realized they needed their own board. Now I have so many ideas that I am sad to only have two doors. I wonder if would look crazy to start sticking wreaths on the basement doors.

Anyway, before the Pinterest obsession, I whipped up this little number for Spring and Summer. I started with this inspiration from The Lettered Cottage. I wanted something that would be inviting for Spring and Summer so I wouldn't have to change it after a few days. (For those unacquainted with Kentucky weather, Spring typically lasts 2.3 days.)

Welcome Spring! and Summer, since it's August already.
I loved the idea of wrapping the wreath with scrap yarn and thought that wrapping a little twig was a great addition. However, I wanted mine to be a bit more minimalist than theirs. What I was going for was sweet and simple. Not too much going on.

I started with a purchased foam wreath from the floral department of my local-ish craft store. Then I added the yarn by dabbing on a bit of craft glue and then wrapping into the craft glue - working about 1-2 inches at a time. I used plain craft yarn that I had left over from a Haloween costume, but you could use anything you've got around, and, in fact, the heavier - the better.

Afterward, I used some yellow baby yarn to wrap the branch and glued it to the wreath (covering the worst of the overlapping). A happy pink silk flower later and we were good to go. I wanted to add a birds' nest, but never found one that I liked. So I went with this. Rocket surgery it isn't. But I like it. This could be done with just about any colors you like. The total cost of the project was around $3 for the wreath form, since everything else I used was scrap. And the total time spent on the project was about 4 hours. (That yarn takes longer to wrap than you think it's going to - give yourself plenty of time.)

I'm already excited about fall and have about a million ideas for great fall wreaths. I can't wait! Tell me what hangs on your front door? Anything? The same thing year round? Or are you wreath obsessed too?


Strangeite said...

Sorry Jessi, but I have never lived nor talked to anyone that has a longer spring than we do here in Kentucky.

Weather-wise, we actually have it pretty good here without being on the coast.

Strangeite said...

p.s. I am not wreath obsessed but I do like the one on your door.

Jessi said...

I guess it depends on your definition of Spring. For me, if it's hot, it's summer. If it's cold, it's winter. Spring is the perfect weather in between. Of that, we have two days.

And as much as I complain about Kentucky weather, I actually love it. But part of what I love is the complaining.