Thursday, August 11, 2011


Okay, here's the deal. My tooth hurts. Really freakin' bad. One whole side of my face hurts, in fact and doing things like closing my mouth and turning my head cause me trauma. Since the dentist can't see me until Friday and in the meantime, lovingly recommended Tylenol for the immense amounts of throbbing pain, I'm taking leftover pain meds from when Maren was born. They knock me out. Then I spend the first half of the next day being miserably groggy and the second half being wicked unfocused. Oh, plus school started and I'm back to getting up at 5:45. The long and short of this is that you will not be getting an interestingly well-thought-out and cohesive blog post today. You'll be getting randomness. You've been warned.

Move over Chelsea!
So, the punishment haircut happened and it is precious. It makes her look 2 or 3 years older, which is still a good thing when you are six. I can see her eyes 90% of the time now and it is virtually tangle-proof. It gets out of bed cute. Brynna, despite being a little scared and sad about the whole process, got fully on board when I produced a picture of Chelsea Kane and reminded her that she used to play on Jonas. After the haircut was finished (7 inches, fwiw) she danced around the salon. Then she danced home and danced all the next day. I think I won. I'm not sure, because I'm wholey unused to winning, but there you have it. Momma won.

Speaking of winning, and my typical lack thereof... Brynna told me she was sick on the first day of school and I put it down to first day jitters and made her go to school. She had a migraine and threw up in class. On the first day of school. And, since she didn't have time to get to the bathroom, and hadn't yet figured out where the trashcan was, she thew up in her sweater. To keep it off the floor. So conscientious. Also, I lost that one.

I just realized that it's Thursday and I never got the "Making It!" post for this week done. Forgive me. I promise to do better.

I've spent the last two days trying to fix the copier. I have taken it apart, shook the toner cartridge and generally tried everything imaginable. I finally gave up and called the copier guy. I forgot to take out the paper strip that keeps toner from leaking all over the box. Now, I look like an idiot. It's okay. I pretty much am.

My addiction to Pinterest is reaching new heights. I'm going to need a twelve step program very soon. Anyone else obsessed? If not, you should be. Seriously, best internet invention since blogging. And you guys know how much I love blogging. You should check out my boards. They are still managable, but in a few weeks, I will have pinned the entire Internet. Get ready.

What about you? What's been randomly filling your mind this week?


Cindy S. said...

LOVE Brynna's new 'do!! Adorable!! :)

Joni said...

That may be the most adorable child I've ever seen. Ever. And I've seen some adorable children. That's like the mother of all mothering wins right there!

So sorry about the tooth, though. BDTD. I'll pray for you! Friday is tomorrow, though, right? You can survive anything for one more day!

What's filling up my mind this week?! I'm in the mother of all battles with Best Buy/Samsung over my broken cell phone. I hate them all. But I WILL win. That is all.

Joni said...

Oops, I meant to say BTDT, as in "been there, done that" with the tooth.

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