Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apparently, I'm Usually Suzie Sunshine

Today, I was commenting on some work one of our vendors did for the nonprofit for which I work. I mentioned how terribly blown out one of the graphics was and how it was especially noticeable next to the other one, which was fine.

"I've never heard you be so negative," she responded.

"Well, I'm just a bastion of good cheer," I replied in my most non cheery monotone voice.

The good news is that she usually thinks I am apparently, because that wasn't even that negative.

It's weird, because I generally think of myself as a Negative Nelly, a Worrying Wanda, a Martha, rather than a Merry. I'm not sure why I come across as cheerful and upbeat to some people, when to me, it seems like I'm constantly losing the war against utter Eeyore-dom.

I feel like I'm a big ole whiner most of the time around here, for instance. I feel like I am constantly pointing out what is wrong, rather than what is right. I'm the first to say that I can't go because I'm broke. The first to say that I'm struggling. The first to curl up pitifully and say that I'll clean the house tomorrow.

I wonder if I'm different at work, or if I'm different than my perception of me.


Joni said...

I'm not sure if your questions are rhetorical or if you actually want us to answer whether or not we think you're a Negative Nelly. My short and sweet answer is no, that's not how I see you. Although your thoughts aren't always all peppy or sunshine-y, even your realism and sarcasm always feel like they have good humor behind them. I almost always leave your blog feeling better than when I came.

Anonymous said...

My (wonky) perspective is that you are just super-passionate and make attempts to tone that down--coming off across as cheerful and accepting. Does that make sense?

either way, you rock.


Jessi said...

Joni - Thank you. That is such a wonderful thing to say.

Ann - It does make sense. And I think you are right. Thank you.