Wednesday, August 3, 2011

33 Things to do While I am 33

Where's my singing?
Today is my birthday! (Everyone cheer.) It's another year and I feel like nothing much has changed since last year. It doesn't seem like a whole year has even passed and I can't help but feel like time is slipping through my fingers faster than it used to. And I know, I know... That's just what happens when you get ancient like me. Fine, whatever. It's also what happens when you stop paying attention. I want to pay attention.

So, a couple months ago, I came across this idea and decided to adopt it for my very own. I wish I could find where I got it in the first place, but whatever...

33 Things to do While I am 33
1. Build something - like with wood and stuff
2. Start school - for realies
3. Go geocaching with Brynna
4. Write a book - even a bad one
5. Grow something - roses planted 7/25/2012
6. Fix my front flower beds - in progress
7. Fix the front of my house - so it looks like someone lives there
8. Sew something - 2/4/2012
9. Become that lady who is really good at sending greeting cards
10. Join my church
11. Find a new Sunday School teacher - so I can quit - sort of accomplished 9/30/11
12. Do a closet inventory
13. Paint the kitchen and cabinets
14. Make a will
15. Rebuild my emergency fund
16. Do something family funnish once a month - August - Legend's game, September - Brynna's birthday, October - Trick or Treat, November - Character Breakfast, December - Santa Claus visit, January - Movie Night!, February - Valentine's Story Time, March - FAIL, April - Easter Egg Hunt, May - Movie Night,
17. Take an actual trip which requires a bag - 3/29/2012
18. Track what I read
19. Read the Jane Yellowrock books
20. Crochet 5 Christmas presents
21. Learn to knit
22. Knit a scarf to prove that I can
23. Learn to smock
24. Make something smocked for the girls
25. Clean the basement
26. Make art
27. Finish Maren's bedroom - from last December ya'll
28. Go to a concert
29. Work out a cleaning schedule and stick to it - in progress
30. Learn to bake bread - not from a can
31. Have a girls' event
32. Walk a 10 mile day
33. Pay off credit cards - 2/16/2012

Not all of it sound exciting, but it all sounds good. To me, at least.


Orlandel said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

(I should make a list of 29 Things to Do While I Am 29)

Love ya!
*who is STILL 29, no matter how old you are!!

Jessi said...

Mom - I'm afraid that's not that motivating, considering you'll always be 29. You might as well make a bucket list. :)

babybluewater said...

Happy Birthday! You are exactly right about paying attention. I find that when I actually STOP and take a moment in, it slows it down for me to enjoy. Good luck on your list. Kick some ass!

Ady said...

Good Post. I may copy it when I turn...ssshhhh...30!

Happy Birthday!!!! I LOVE YOU~!

Mark said...

Hey Darlin;

I thought that I had commented on the day befores post to wish you a very happy birthday. I still wish that I was there to take you and the fam out to dinner and lavish at least $20 at the Cracker Barrel on y'all. So since apparently I am just that stupid, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE DARLIN'


Mimi - SleeplessInKL said...

Belated happy birthday, Jessi!