Thursday, January 6, 2011

Conversations with a One Year Old - Too Smart Edition

And she looks so sane...
On the way home from Wednesday night church.
Maren: Where are you going, Momee?"
Me: Home, sweetie.
Maren: Noooo, nooo, Don go home!
Me: Well, where do you want to go?
Maren: We go Mi Casita after church!*

*We go to Mi Casita (a local authentic Mexican palace of wonder and enchantment) every Sunday after morning service. We have never gone after night church, however, as that would clearly be crazy-pants late.

Me: Who's girl are you?
Maren: Uuuuummmmm, NiNi's girl.
Me: NiNi's girl? Who's my girl if you're NiNi's girl?
Maren: Uuuummmmm, Daddy.
Me: Daddy can't be my girl, because he's not a girl.
Maren: Getting serious. We can fix that.

At the Doctor's
Maren: I want a boo-boo. Pointing to a band-aid.
Nurse: You want a boo-boo? I don't think you want a boo-boo.
Maren: I want a boo-boo right now. On my finger. Holds out finger.
Nurse: Well, I guess... I mean... That's where I have to take her blood....
Maren: Yep. Taken my blood.*

*I have no explanation for this exchange, except that she really wanted that band-aid and she was going to do anything necessary to get it.

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