Monday, January 3, 2011

What's in My Crochet Bag - Deep Breath Edition

Totally stolen from Crochet Spot. Thanks!
As I mentioned last week in this space, it was a close thing getting all my Christmas crafting done. In fact, I didn't really get it all done. I owe one person some placemats that she doesn't even know about and I had to totally change another gift mid-stream because it just wasn't going to get done on time. In the end, though, things mostly got done. And then I totally and completely forgot to take pictures of them.

Which is okay, because other than the sweater (of which I did remember to take pictures) it was all pretty unremarkable.

I made some dishrags. And while I personally feel that there is nothing finer on the planet than a crocheted dish rag, I know that pictures of them are just not all that interesting. I did make some pot scrubbers using a plastic post scrubber (steel wool style, but plastic) and crocheting a ring around the outside. I did one to look like a flower and one that was just sort of curly stuff. Sort of double duty - pot scrubber by day, dishrag by night. I can't claim the idea (I got it from Ravelry) but I freehanded it and didn't use a pattern. I thought they turned out quite cute and hopefully tres functional.

But now I am left in a wondering spot. I have another project that needs to get done and I really am planning on making those placemats, but what else to do...

I have a half finished sweater for me that I may try to wrap up and a sweater for someone else that I thought I would do for Christmas, but then decided that two sweaters for Christmas was just too much and I could do it for her and give it as a surprise gift. I'd like to have it done by Spring. (It's a Spring sweater and I'd like her to get some use out of it.)

All in all, I kinda feel unbalanced though. Without the immense pressure of the Christmas queue I feel like I could do anything. A feeling that is both giddy and daunting.

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