Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chopped and Miscellany

Chopped: Ta-Da! New haircut. (Also, terrible photography skills. Look at the scrunchtieness of my face under those glasses. You know, though, it's not easy to take a picture of yourself with a phone. Also, I was trying to remember this Pioneer Woman trick about light and shade and I think I reversed. I think you are supposed to put the camera in shade and the person in the light. Or maybe I did it right. Who knows. Check out the arm in my glasses, though, is that weird or what? But hair = shiny so that's something.)

Anyway, back to the new do. This is the shortest I have worn my hair since 2nd grade. I wish I had done a before shot, since she cut off 7 inches which is way more drastic than my profile picture makes it look. See, my hair grows really fast, so what I typically do is grow it out really long and then chop it off really short. It's a vicious cycle, but it'll be long again this time next year, I guarantee it.

I like it, but I feel kinda old and soccer momish in it. Like, "Oh, great, now I'll fit in at those PTO meetings!" Not that that's a bad thing. It's just not me. Mostly. Except that I totally do all that mom stuff, I just don't look like the kind of person who does all that mom stuff. I hope.

Homework: Brynna can NOT get enough of homework. You know, last year, I read all these studies that show that homework is actually somewhat counter productive to the learning process, but now, suddenly, I don't care. I'll probably be looking those back up at the end of year when she's dragging, but right now? Now, she can't get enough. Last night I had to make up homework for her because she was disappointed not to have any.

Hitting: Maren is in this hitting phase. I think she is frustrated because people often can't understand what she is trying to say. Hopefully, this is the precursor to some sort of verbal explosion, but in the meantime, I spend a large portion of my day pulling Maren off of Brynna. Will someone (who isn't me) please note to my kid that while violence of any type is discouraged, it's not good to let someone 4 years younger than you who you outweigh by 20 lbs. beat the crap out of you while you scream for Mommy? No, not so much, huh? Yeah, I just can't figure out how to tell her to stand up for herself without telling her that it's okay to hurt Maren. Sometimes parenting is hard.

Bedtimes: In our house, Maren goes to bed at 7:30, Brynna at 8:30 and mom and dad about 11, because that's when the good shows end. Also, it takes us that long to pick up the toys. So, now we're getting up at 5:45; which comes awful early for us night owls, let me tell you. (Ten years of this, have I mentioned that thanks to the 4 year age gap between my children, I will have to deal with elementary school start times for 10 years!) Maren and Brynna are actually rolling pretty well by 6 or 6:15, but mommy... Mommy needs an earlier bedtime. Which means that mommy needs DVR. Oh, the lamenting.

Sorry for the scattered nature of this. I am really still getting back on my feet from last week. It's been rough!


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Lurve the hair! I keep my hair super short, too (see my fb profile for pictorial proof). I find it is so much easier to get ready when I don't have hair to deal with. Of course, short hair is the norm for me (remember high school?). If it reaches my the tops of my shoulders, it's too long!

Have you tried teaching Maren some simple signs for her to use to help her be understood? This worked great with Jamie when he was little, and he still likes to sign with me to this day. Maybe Brynna would benefit from learning the "hug hold" to use on Maren. Do you know this trick? Do you think it would work for Brynna to use on her to keep Maren from smacking the tar out of her sister?
Okay, that's the end of my unsolicited advice, I promise!

Again, I love the hair!

Mrs. Allroro said...

cute hair. Love the freckles, too. :-)

There's always Hulu.