Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things on Friday - Drinks Edition

This week has been a strange, strange week. For one thing, I've been sick more than I've been well, and since this is pretty much one of my busiest weekends of the year, coming back has been with a vengeance. I had a 15 hour day yesterday and today won't be any shorter. Tomorrow, I have to be up and have the kids ready to leave the house at 7 a.m. and be at church at 7:15, so tomorrow won't exactly be relaxing either.

But, possibly, what has bothered me most about this week is the interruption of my addiction. As part of my illness and recovery, I have been strictly prohibited from imbibing alcohol, caffeine or carbonation. Now, as many of you already know, I barely function without caffeine, and I prefer my caffeine to be cold and carbonated. The 3 C's.

It's been hard. Especially this morning, when I feel so utterly sleepy that I expect to face-plant into my desk at any moment. So, as I sip on my Brita-filtered water with a touch of lemon juice, I thought I would spend a few moments indulging my weaker self, and celebrating the things I'd rather be sipping.

1. Coca-Cola - Oh, my glorious best friend. How I miss you... Your nose tickling carbonation, your heady aroma, your deep red-brown shade, your slight bitterness behind a shield of sweet. I am nothing but putty in your hands, Coke. Save me from myself.

2. Lemonade - Okay, so this isn't strictly prohibited, and in fact has accounted for a great deal of my liquid diet for the past few days, but I challenge you to find a good lemonade that you can acquire quickly. I have partaken (partook?) of nearly every fast food lemonade within driving distance in the past two days and they all suck. Too sweet, too watery, too pink. I want something that will make my face crumple, people.

3. Margarita - Ah, sweet, tart, goodness. I am a fan of the sour, here, peoples. And a good margarita is all kinds of sour. And cold. And salty.

4. Sprite/Ginger Ale - The lingering piece of my illness is basically tiredness and nausea. I get nauseous when I don't eat and it's very similar to my version of morning sickness. What I really need to make this go away is a big ole bottle of Canada Dry, or at the very least Sprite. But instead, I'm still sippin' water, which makes the nausea worse. But it's all I got.

5. LIT - The ultimate triple threat and Long Island Iced Tea has all three elements I'm not allowed to have. Which, is probably why I want one so bad, even though I haven't had one in four or five years.

So, what are you jonesing for? Cheesecake? Coffee? Lemon-lime Kool-Ade? Cherry Coke with a Twizzler Straw? Bourbon on the rocks with a lime? I won't tell, I promise.


Joni said...

Mocha Frappe from McDonald's - I just finished mine! It's only a very occasional treat for me, but Lord have mercy! It contains 2 of your 3 C's (I don't like carbonation!), and it's like heaven in your mouth. Hallelujah.

Mrs. Allroro said...

I did not know Long Island Ice Tea had carbonation. I always thought it was just ice tea with some kind of alcohol.

Steve said...

Tea. I drink gallons of the stuff.

If you want four more top tipples: Old Speckled Hen ale, Talisker malt whisky, Orange juice & Red Bull, Dandelion and Burdock (a sweet memory of youth!)

Jessi said...

Joni - The exception to my rule is cold coffee, which is just not right in my book. Hope you enjoyed yours, though.

Mrs. A - Actually, an LIT doesn't have tea at all, it has coke for the color and lemonade and a bunch of other stuff.

Steve - I've drank more tea than usual in the past few days, in the form of non-caffeinated varieties.