Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Photographic Tour of My Easter

On Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt. Which was a lot of fun. Brynna found a lot of eggs.

A Lot of Eggs. They all had candy in them, and somehow, we made it home with like three pieces of candy. Last year, we were a little overwhelmed with candy, so this year, we tried to reduce the amount coming into the house and there was so little, The Husband and I had none to steal. So, candy-wise, this Easter was a disappointment.

Maren was not quite as talented an egg finder. She found four. Which was fine, because she had a great time wandering around and trying to figure out why everyone was so worked up about picking up toys. When you think about it, I think that this was the purpose of egg hunts: to teach kids that it can be fun to pick up toys. Unfortunately, since we don't typically hide candy in the kids' toys, it hasn't worked out for us.

In this picture, both of my kids are zeroed in on the same egg. Maren, who at this point, has one lonely green egg in her basket, is bending to get it and Brynna, who is running out of room, is zooming in. Brynna won, snatching it from in front of Maren. Before I could figure out whether or not to intervene, Brynna, dropped the egg in Maren's mostly empty basket and kept running. A couple of minutes later, she informed me that she had found enough and the rain was cold.

My husband was in charge of putting the kids to bed on Saturday night and I went out for a couple of hours with the girls. Apparently, he doesn't quite understand the concept of wearing nice pajamas for the pictures. Or there may not have been any clean. Anyway, just pretend that Brynna's pajamas do not consist of a tank top that no longer fits and shorts that never fit.
Moving on, the Easter Bunny, in his infinite wisdom, did not bring Brynna a single, solitary toy this year. To my house. And Brynna did not freak out. Her basket is a mixing bowl and is filled with baking tools. She's been very into cooking lately and so now she has some of her own stuff. Including a very cute apron.

We made pancakes for breakfast. They were shaped like teddy bears and Mickey Mouse's head. Which is sort of morbid, when you really think about it. Also, check out the heart-shaped measuring cups. Man, that Bunny is good!

This is apparently the best picture I took of Maren's basket. I don't know why. Whatever. It was cute and had a farm animal theme. Pretty much everything in it has been a hit except for the ball that looks like a pig and vibrates when you push his nose. (And who wouldn't?) I thought she'd be all over that thing, but she seems mildly freaked out by it.

This is Brynna trying to give the cat a spatula hat. Is it any wonder she prefers to be outside? Seriously.

After church, I tried to bribe them to take a picture together. This is the outcome. There are actually about 20 of these.

Followed by the family picture, in which no one is looking at the camera.

We went to my mom's for the rest of the day, where I got lovely pictures of the girls individually.

Even if that did occasionally involve me shoving one of them in a tree and then bribing her into laughing. Since she wouldn't smile otherwise.

However, this is the only picture of the two of them together I managed to get there. In this shot, Brynna is crying because no one will play with her and Maren is crying because her shoe is falling off.

For some strange reason, the Easter Bunny also leaves presents for my children at my mom's house (can you say "Spoiled?" I knew you could.) So that sort of saved the weepy day.

And there was much baby-doll induced rejoicing. Yay!

Now, don't ya just feel like you were there?


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I'm still guffawing over the look on your poor cat's face! Can you say "squished kitty head"?

Mrs. Allroro said...

Adorable adorable adorable.

And may I say, Bob is completely unrecognizable. No one in the world has changed more in 15 years than that man.

Koby said...

I love the Easter family picture...I could eat those girls alive. Ohhh, how I miss it when my doll was that small.

Steve said...

Excellent photo-story post. Will you forgive me if I confess to laughing out loud at the picture of them both crying?!?! I get that all the time (the older one sulks, the younger one gets frustrated) so I am laughing in a "I feel your pain" sort of way!