Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A few things you should know:
  1. I'm sick. Weirdly and inexplicably. It comes and goes. It tires me out.
  2. I'm preparing for a Board meeting, a national event, 2 or 3 grant writing deadlines and a few other miscellaneous projects at work. Which means that there is just no way to get away with blogging at work.
  3. It's almost 11. My eyes feel like they are going to bleed.
  4. I feel really bad about not writing since what last Wednesday? Just not bad enough to spend the hour or two I need to craft the next fabulous piece of writing I have planned.
  5. You should never get so lazy that you do a google image search based on the term "suckage." It's a bad idea.
  6. Some people apparently have waaay too intimate a relationship with egg rolls.

Just so you know.


Steve said...

Ah, that's why you have a picture from Penrith railway station. That certainly took me by surprise!

Orlandel said...

I love the sign! Some people need explanations of why they should stay away from the edge!