Friday, June 19, 2009

Children's Television

Yesterday, I mentioned that I hate Yo Gabba Gabba. With a passion. With the fire of a million suns. With the endlessness of the ocean.

I was actually surprised to hear that there is an adult on the planet who doesn't mind that show. And that said adult hates Max and Ruby. So, I thought it might be fun to run down some shows Brynna watches and what I think of them.

Note: I thought that it was this generation of children's programming, because the stuff we watched as kids was so much better, right? Wrong. I bought her DVD's of CareBears and My Little Pony Tales and they are WRETCHED.

Max and Ruby - Why not start with controversy. I both love and hate Max and Ruby. I love it because the most controversial thing on M&R is are bunny scouts the same as Girl Scouts. I love it because it is quiet and easy to tune out. I hate it because where the crap are their parents. I hate it because Ruby is a bossy little brat and Max is a genius and why is the grandmother the only who sees that. I also hate it because Brynna sides with Ruby.

Ni Hao Kai Lan - I want to like it because it, like, teaches Chinese. How cool is that?!? But I hate it because of her annoying freaking voice.

Dora the Explorer - Again, I want to love Dora, but then there is the map song. The freaking Map Song. I want to rip the map to tiny, tiny shreds and throw it in Crocodile Lake. Also, what's with the stars? Why are they in some episodes but not all of them? And does anyone else think that Tico the Squirell looks like a serial rapist.

The Backyardigans - She could watch it all freakin' day and as long as I had a book, I'd be fine.

The Wonder Pets - Used to love. Hate it now. I know the characters are all supposed to be gender ambiguous, but let's face it, the only girl is Ling-Ling, the duck. And she is a whiny, scaredy-cat, selfish, stupid thing.

Growing Up Creepie - Probably too old for her, but Brynna loves bugs, so she loves this show. And I find it blissfully unannoying.

Agent Oso - Thank goodness she gets her fill of it at the babysitter's.

Phineas and Ferb - Ferbtacular. Sometimes we watch it after Brynna goes to bed. Has there ever been a more endearing, entertaining, intelligent show for kids? A show that neither insults their intelligence or that of their parents? (Okay, mom's a little clueless, but in a cute way.) Also, I love the girl characters. Candace may seem to be really shallow, but she is really just as inventive and smart as her brothers, she is just always one step behind. Isabella is awesome. I hope she and Ferb get married one day. And Vanessa is evil waiting to happen, which is really fun to watch.

Scooby Doo - Again, give me a book and I'm good to go. I really thought I would hate the newer version, but I don't. It's actually a little more complex than the original because it's not always a guy in a suit, sometimes it's a robot or a magic trick or something else, but it's still never a monster.

There's a whole host that fits under the category of Don't Mind It Because It's Quiet: Little Bear, Toot and Puddle, Little Bill, etc.

And then there's the pre-teen Disney live action stuff. I don't mind that either. Mostly because I find it a little funny and it's clean enough that even if Brynna doesn't get it all, I don't mind her watching: Hannah Montana, Suite Life on Deck, Sonny with a Chance.

A friend without kids asked me once if I wasn't worried about Hannah Montana, because she's all into boys and stuff. I was kinda caught off guard by it and didn't really have an answer, but here's my answer today: When I was Brynna's age, the cartoons ended at five. The news came on and then prime time. Okay, I never watched a 14 year old girl swoon over a male movie star, but I watched Dallas. Enough said.

So... What kids' shows do you like? Hate? Find easy to tune out? If you don't have kids, chime in anyway. You probably have a different perspective. Like, I really liked Dora before I had to watch it all the time. The map song wasn't thaaaat bad and it's so educational. Pfft.


Mom said...

Dallas?!?! What kind of terrible parent did you have????

swampym said...

What a nice review! You made my day.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I watch F&F with my son ALL THE TIME! Another one I love (and have talked about on my blog) is "Making Fiends". It's a bit dark, and VERY sarcastic (What, me? Like sarcastic? NO!) and twisted, so I don't recommend Brynna watch it. But I DO recommend that you and your hubby dear watch it at night after the kiddos are in bed. You'll laugh your assets off. Just be warned - there are two versions. the original webisodes, then the series that nicktoons made based on the original webisodes. I actually like the nicktoons ones better, as they are a teensy bit longer. But they feature the exact same stories - just maybe they put two "webisodes" together to make one episode. Make sense?

If you want to get her watching cartoons from when we were kids you must. get. the. Animaniacs. DVD. set. Lurve lurve LOVE it! And Tiny Toon Adventures! OMG. Babs, Buster and Plucky! Whee! (I'm a bit hyper tonight, can you tell?)

Also like Foster's Home for Imaginary friends, but it recently went off the air (at least, new episodes did).

Could always get the DVDs of The Muppet Show. That's primo kid entertainment.

Okay, I'll stop hijacking your blog now. LOL

Becca said...

I like Yo Gabba Gabba. Anything with Biz Markie and Mark Mothersbaugh can't be all bad. My little one sings a lot of the songs, and I've gotten him to eat food by telling him to try it, he'll like it. There's also the Don't Give Up song which has come in handy.

I go back and forth on Max and Ruby. On one hand, Max's facial expressions are awesome. On the other hand, Ruby is bossy, Max is a brat, and thank goodness I am not the only one obsessed by the absence of their parents!

Dora and Diego can die a horrible fiery death and take the flaming Map with them. Stop shouting all the time and telling people what to do. Yeesh.

Ni Hao is alright, Wonder Pets make my ears bleed, and if the Blue's Clues episode has Joe, forget it. Steve is always welcome in this house as is Backyardigans.

And I second Animaniacs and Muppet Show. We also let CJ watch the Warners Brothers Golden Collection Vol.1, but I would be careful with that. There some racial humor that went over my head as a kid that's pretty brutal now that I'm older (especially old Speedy Gonzales cartoons).

Jessi said...

We kept making jokes about Piiiigggggsssss iiiinnnnnn sssppppaaaaccccceeeee this weekend and I started thinking about how much Brynna is missing out on the muppets. I'm officially in the market for some muppets DVD's. Maybe I can find some at the library tonight. I love the little old men in the balcony.

We both also really loved Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, so that's a good idea.

Becca - Thank you for reminding me, I do hate it when they tell you what to do. "Stand up. Stand up! STAND UP!" Also, I'm the opposite about Blue's Clues. I prefer Joe to Steve. I don't know why. He just seems more soothing to me.