Saturday, May 2, 2009


5 Things I Love About May:

1. Mother's Day. Although I truly believe that one pitiful day is not enough to truly appreciate your mother, it'll do, pig. It'll do.

2. My mom's birthday. See above, I don't have to limit myself to one day. Neener, neener.

3. Flowers. May is the month in Kentucky where everything and it's sister is in bloom. The streets are more colorful in May than on parade days.

4. Open windows. I hate to be hot and therefore, air conditioning is my best friend. But I much prefer open windows to let in fresh air and breeze and having the inside temp. match the outside.

5. Memorial Day. The first official holiday of summer. We usually don't do anything, but it's still a nice day off work.

5 Things I Hate About May

1. It's the gateway drug for summer. You've been cooped up and miserable cold all winter and here comes May with it's pretty, pretty flowers and pleasant temperatures and crazy storms. And you start to think that maybe you're ready for summer, maybe you'll enjoy summer this year. And then comes June with it's 99% humidity and 100 degree weather. And you realize that May broke your heart all over again.

2. Mother's Day. It's different when you're the kid, but being the mother on Mother's Day isn't all it's cracked up to be. You have to go to all the Mother's Day special things and you have to look all nice for all of them. You have to arrange everything and remind your husband to help your kids buy or make a present.

3. Travel Season. I work in a tourist trap, so this is the time of year when I have to check in at the guard shack and fight traffic and wonder who the heck comes here for fun anyway.

4. Travel Season. May is the month that reminds me every freakin' year that I can't afford to take a vacation of my own, but I have to deal with all the idiots who can.

5. The end of school. I still haven't figured out what Brynna is going to do when school is over. Babysitter? Camp? Hop around the county? Who knows? Not me, that's who.

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