Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Things that are True about Me Today

1. I have been sleepy since I got up. I didn't sleep well last night, and I ache all over. It's not the flu, though and definitely not swine flu.

2. My shirt is torn. I knew there was one little hole in it when I left the house this morning, but there are three. Also, my pants won't stay up. I haven't worn these since two summers ago, because of having maternity-clothing-goodness last summer and I forgot that these need a belt.

3. I want to crochet. I haven't crocheted in weeks and I am missing it severely. There has been so much to do, though and I had that crappy bookclub book that still isn't finished. We meet tonight, and I still have 20 pages.

4. I have had more ibuprofen today than I had in the week post c-section. That probably isn't true, but it feels like it.

5. I couldn't come up with anything good to blog about today, but I missed yesterday, so meh...

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