Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Warm Day

Yesterday was torture. That's the only way to explain having one warm day and then going back to the ridiculous cold we've been having.

Yesterday, the girls and I went to the park. Today, Brynna wore a parka.

Yesterday I dug around looking for a short sleeve shirt. Today, I dug around looking for a short scarf for Brynna.

Yesterday was 50. Today was 15.

Seriously, it doesn't seem fair. I am a cold weather person, and this year's cold has gotten to me. And yesterday was just a tease, a cruel joke, a glimpse of a spring we won't see for at least two more months. Of course, it's Kentucky, so even when we do see it, it'll only be for three days and then we'll be in the sweltering hot of Kentucky summers.

So, now I'm thinking of things that are teases. Things that I hate because they give me the tiniest bit of something that I love.

1. Mini-muffins. Because muffins were already single serving, someone had to make something smaller. The problem with mini-muffins is that one is not enough and you end up eating like six which is probably the equivalent of three regular muffins which is way more than you would eat if there were just muffins.

2. Preview chapters. You know what I'm talking about. You finish a really good book and there is the first chapter of another book (the next in a series or one by the same author or something). You're all in the reading mood and you enjoyed what you just finished and so you start it and get totally hooked. Then you find out that the library doesn't carry the book, but you've started it so you want to finish it so you end up ordering it off Amazon and waiting with bated breath for a week so it'll come in (which is exactly what THEY wanted!) Whew, that one really bothers me.

3. Ringtones. When the real music ringtones first came out, I thought they were so cool and I couldn't wait to upgrade my phone. Nowm everytime someone calls me, I get their song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I can't tell you how much of my life has recently been spent trying to remember the second verse of Into the Mystic.

It's horrible to be teased but I hope that we'll get some more teasing weather days soon. Even though it made today rough, yesterday was pretty amazing.

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