Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today Sucks

I am having a rough day, ya'll. First thing, my car was broken into last night. I mean, I use the term "broken into" pretty loosely, because there's no damage to the car, so either I accidentally left it unlocked (which I NEVER do) or someone *cough*Brynna*cough* didn't shut their door all the way.

In any case, they rifled through my center console and took about $2 out of my emergency cash box. (That's right, I'm only prepared for tiny emergencies) and all the change out of my change sorter. They also took my bank card. They left anything of real value, like some decent electronics and Brynna's purse with all her Christmas gift cards in it.

So, the card is really all I'm worried about and so far, so good. I think we may have gotten it cancelled before they used it.

But all the craziness made me about an hour late for work.

Plus, when I got to work I realized my clothes didn't match at all. Like, not even a little. I know, that's tiny in comparison, but I've spent all day looking at this cami that is positively orange next to my black and pink top.

I'm also having siding drama. I keep revising what I am going to do to the front of my house to meet what I can afford and actually want and would improve the value of my house. And I'm just not getting anything done. At this point, I just want to rip it all down, give the old wood siding underneath a fresh coat of paint and scream in triumph.

I'm also having job drama. And I'm just going to leave that right there.

I've got two places to be tonight and I won't get home until late and all I want to do is sleep for a week.

But, in no time, I'll be on the beach. I'm not telling you when I'm going or how long I'll be gone though. You might be the one who broke into my car.


Paul S said...

This sounds like my day. I empathise!

Suze said...

I think a beach vacay is just what you need.
I'm so sorry your car got broken into :( That happened to us once when there was a whole string of B&E in our part of town. All they took was a handful of coins we keep in there for parking meters but it still felt like such a violation.

Jessi said...

Paul - Hope it gets better!

Suze - I finally got to speak to the police and it turns out the lady down the street had her car stolen, so I'm going to quit whining about my pocket change. It's more the feeling of weirdness that someone went through my stuff that bothers me, honestly.