Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Reason Why I Should Never Be Trusted. Ever.

It's too cold to go outside and
take a good picture.
Today, friends and neighbors, is cookie day. The cookies have arrived. And I went to pick them up. Let me tell you about it.

So, yesterday, I risked frostbite to clean out my car. This is a big deal. Typically, my car maintains a medium level of mess through the warmer months and during the winter months, just gets more and more full until the floor is roughly even with the seats. Don't judge me.

Today, I walked outside at the beginning of my lunch break and opened my door. I put my keys in the car and started the engine. To warm it up, you know. It should at this point be noted that I have remote start. I could have done this from my desk and put my keys back in my pocket. But I did not.

Then, I got the car seat out of the back seat and started to walk around the car. Realizing what happens in icy parking lots to doors left open, I closed my driver's side door. I got around the car, opened the passenger door and placed the car seat in the front seat of the car. I then, realized that I had drug the car seat and it's cup holders were filled with snow. I tried to do something about that without getting my hands all cold and wet. I finally gave up and put my purse (containing my spare key) and my paperwork on the car seat.

I closed the door. At some point during my struggle with the snow, the car had decided to lock the doors.

So, my keys were in the car, my spare was in the car, the car was running and I was not in the car.

I called my mommy.

Actually, I called my dad, but he didn't answer, so I called my mommy to find out why he wasn't rescuing me already.

He couldn't. At least not then, so my mom sent my brother. Who came to my rescue with a door jimmy kit (I'm sure that's not what it's called) and rolled down my rear passenger window. I mention that because I stared at him stupidly for a while after he told me because I thought I must be mishearing him and because I wasn't sure what that was supposed to accomplish. Then, I remembered how doors work and ran around the car and unlocked the doors.

The whole adventure took about 45 minutes. My car ran with no one in it for 45 minutes.

The kicker here is that after he had quit grumbling at me and I had run back inside for my sunglasses and then back out to the car, I realized that I had turned my heater all the way off this morning, so the car wasn't even warm.


Suze said...

Yeah, I wouldn't judge you unless one of your kids was in there. Kidding!! I wouldn't judge you even then.

BTW does it concern you at all that your brother can get into a locked car so easily?


Jessi said...

I actually did that when Maren was about two. That was fun. And the truth is that they only bought the lock kit because i need it so much. I don't think he would use his powers for evil. :)

Suze said...

I didn't think so! But he's related to you so you never know…

(you know i'm kidding right???)

Cathy G. said...

Actually he got his lock kit because he was in school learning such car things...although he tells he it is very simple to get one just like his. Scary!

Meeshie said...

This is why my in laws have a spare key to my car *and* my house. Yup. I'm just as 'special' as you are some days.

Jessi said...

Mom - Thanks for making me feel better about it. I always assume that they get tired of rescuing me.

Meeshie - If car keys weren't so expensive, I think everyone I know would have one by now. :)