Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Things on Friday - Oh, Hello Edition

Hey, hi there. It's been a week. A really weeky week.

Here are Five Things I Should Have Told You All But Didn't

Winner badges not
available until next week.
Apparently the people at
Camp aren't as into
instant gratification as I am.
1. I finished Camp NaNoWriMo - I met my 40,000 word goal and discovered that my novel is going to be significantly longer than 40,000 words. I've been taking a break for the last couple of days because it was full on sprint there at the end (hence the blogio silence), but I'm going to get back to it this weekend. I'm pretty much thrilled to be a Winner, though!

2. I'm officially a football mom - Maren had her first football practice last night and it was so exciting. And hot. But fun. And hot. Oh, who am I kidding, it was mostly hot. She seemed to have a good time, despite being really freaked out by the other kids. She's good at catching and she seems to be learning the basics quickly. I had my trial by fire as I chased her around the house, trying to get her to bite down on a mouth guard straight out of boiling water. That was fun.

Yes, it's pink and black.
Yes, it's really short.
3. I went and had my hair done - I've been thinking about this for a long time and it came down to this: I am currently pretty solid in my job, which requires little contact with uptight people who wouldn't like it, my kids still think it's cool when mom acts like a teenager, and I wanted to. I cut off enough for Locks of Love, but I left it at the hairdressers, so I'm going to have to chase down my piggytail.

4. I have a fourth grader - School starts on Tuesday and open house was last night. There is something fundamentally wrong with me having a fourth grader. I mean, I'm only, like what, 22. 28? 30? Just shut up, okay.

5. Tomorrow is my birthday - I'll be 35. Which seems significant. I'm just not sure why. Here is my prediction: I think 35 is going to rock. And rock hard. 35 is going to be my year. 35 is the new black. 35!

What about you? I've been blog reading only slightly more than I've been blog writing. What'd I miss?


Cathy G. said...

Happy birthday! And I love the hair!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty. Fun to see a picture of that face. :-). I love the hair, love love that you did it. Happy birthday. I'm certain 35 will rock. ann

Suze said...

shoot. i thought your birthday was today. anyway, i was close, right???

LOVE the hair. i want to do it too :)

Suze said...

btw, have you watched "Orange is the New Black" (netflix only)? it's great. i'm reading the book, too.