Monday, July 8, 2013

Ridiculous Things My Kids Said to Me This Weekend

Brynna: Okay, so if I promise to clean the cage, buy everything and never teach her to talk, then can I have a Scarlet Macaw?

Maren: I'm going to give you a horsey kiss. Show me how horsies kiss.

Brynna: Can we go to Egypt on Saturday?

Maren: I'm tired and I don't feel good, so I think I should go outside and play instead of cleaning my room.

Brynna: Mommy, I've spent three hours cleaning my room today. How in the world do you expect me to do that during the school year?

Maren: I've lost all hope.

Brynna: Mommy, go and hide your crazy.

Maren: You don't love me because I like Buzzy better than Harry Potter.

Brynna: I think *someone* needs a nap. For like a year.

Maren: I'm tired of picking up clothes. I could just wear a bathing suit every day.

Brynna: I don't think she knows what she's talking about. Maybe ever.

Maren: No, I really liked the movie and the seats were good and the popcorn was yummy. I just didn't have a very good time.

Brynna: Check out my award-winning smile.

Maren: Why can't we just stay in bed and sleep all day long? (Um, because you got up at six? Just a guess.)

Brynna: You are the best mom in the whole world. I don't think you understand how amazing you are.

Maren: You're my favorite.

Just when I think I can't take another minute, they come out with that kind of thing. You know, I think kids have built in pressure gauges, they keep you hot for as long as possible, then diffuse the bomb.

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Sharon Rickard said...

And as long as they live there will be something that amazes you and will pull the rubberband of life to almost it's breaking point, and then...then someone will say, "I love you mom" and all the tension is gone in the rubberband of life, and life IS good!