Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Things on Friday: Kickstarter Edition

On Wednesday, a new Kickstarter project launched. This one started by producer Rob Thomas and leading lady, Kristen Bell. The project, looking to be funded to the tune of $2 million dollars, is to make a movie version of the series Veronica Mars. Now, I love VM. I love pretty much everything about it and I obsessively watch the reruns. I have a Logan Echols quote on my bulletin board at work.

And I was so excited. Am so excited, because in case you live under a rock and haven't heard, the project was fully funded in ten hours. Let me say that again: two million dollars in ten hours. The ticker is still ticking because we all know what increased budget means in movie-ville. 

Then came some party poopers talking about how funding something a studio could fund (but wouldn't) was somehow wrong and how indie filmmakers don't get this kind of response and stuff.

But here's how I look at it: this is my chance. I am not a Nielson household. I don't have the ear of Hollywood. I am not even the target demographic anymore. *sadface* But I love what I love. And as a geek-girl, I'm used to other people not loving what I love. I'm used to my series being canceled, my movies bombing, my authors hacking away at day jobs that suck their souls. What do I have? $1. That's the minimum show of support to get a VM movie made. That's the threshold for saying, "I am a person, I will buy a ticket, I will see this because I am a screaming geek girl Marshmallow. Let me have more of the things I love and I will buy them from you." 

It's a vote for what I love. (And, okay, a second, third, fourth, who's counting chance for Logan and Veronica and their epic love.) 

And it's made me realize that while this one event probably won't change the way movies are made forever, it might be a model for fandoms everywhere who want one last (high school) dance. And that's why I'm making a list of:

Five Things that Should Start their Kickstarter RIGHT NOW!

1. Wonderfalls - This quirky show about a young woman who is aided and advised by toy animals was well-loved and a critical hit. It was yanked off air after only 4 episodes. In the years since it's cancellation, it's 18 produced episodes have been aired on other stations and sold in DVD sets. Its fanbase is rabid enough to support a movie version. Plus, it's just fun. In addition to the talking animals, the main pull of this show has to do with the main character, Jaye, played by Caroline Dhavernas. Dry, bitter, jaded and hilarious, she is just plain fun to watch.

2. Harper Connelly - You know TruBlood, right? Well, it's based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. I've read a lot of them and they're, well... they're fine. They're interesting and compelling and keep you reading. But Charlaine also wrote the Harper Connelly series and it is not fine. It's amazing. I could read Harper all the day long. The four books in the series revolve around Harper, a young woman travelling with her step brother and listening to the dead - locating bodies, solving murders and recalling last moments. There's been talk of turning it into a series, but it's fallen through. I guess sort-of-psychics are a harder sell than vampires. But Charlaine has fans - lots of them, and I would imagine that a fair share of TruBlood fans would be willing to back a project by the same author. Honestly, I think the Harper books should be a series, but if a movie gained enough traction, it might become a series...

3. Twin Peaks - Okay, are you ready for the cold hard truth? It's been over twenty years since Twin Peaks quit gracing our screens. What started as a murder mystery became instead the story of the quirkiest town ever. The residents were soon the focus of more than the investigation into Laura Palmer's murder. So, clearly, we can't pick up where we left off, plus that murder was kinda solved. What we can do, though, is a copycat murder. Same town, same families, twenty years later. Who's with me?

4. Velveteen - In a universe where superheroes are contracted with a huge corporation, Velma "Velveteen" Martinez can control toys and stuffed animals. After losing everything, being cast as a supervillain and escaping to Oregon, she discovers there's something else she can do. She can change the world. Velveteen is a series of short stories (that you should all read - especially because they are free and amazing and the series is complete, so you don't have to do the crazy waiting game thing). Her story is inspiring and amazing and heartbreaking. I also really want to see someone wear those bunny ears ironically.

5. Primeval - I really had no interest in watching this show about dinosaurs that escape through "anomalies" into our world. But I was wrong - so very, very wrong. Witty and brilliant, this show was very much a serious Sci Fi series, but never took itself too seriously. The series went for five seasons (the longest with 10 episodes) and has spun off a Canadian version. It's never officially been cancelled and in the way of British series, it may one day return. But I think we should start fighting for a movie - just imagine the possibilities. And as long as Andrew-Lee Potts is there, I'm in.

What do you think that Kickstarter could revive? How would you like to spend your "votes?"

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