Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

It seems like you're having a rough patch. You seem upset. You know, that happens and it's all cool. That whole thing with calling out Tina Fey, probably not the best move. But you know, I get it. You get your feelings hurt. Who wouldn't.

But here's the thing, sweetie. I'm going, as a person who loves and adores you, lay down some harsh truth. Something that I wish had been said to me a lot more when I was your age and doing the same thing on a much smaller scale.

None of it matters.

All the things they say, who cares? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. First of all, who cares if they think you date too much? Are you asking your critics to date you? No. Then who needs to be comfortable with your dating history? That's right. Just you and whoever you decide to bring into the circle. Ignore the rest.
  2. Seriously. The worst thing that anyone can think of to say about you is that you've had a lot of boyfriends? I wish to pants that was the worst insult I'd ever gotten. They're making a big deal out it because it makes them uncomfortable that you haven't had any major, public disasters. It could totally be worse.
  3. Finally, Selling albums - check. Packing stadiums - check. Taking home awards - check. Looking super cute doing all of it - double check. You've got this.
Here's the thing, Tay-Tay: (Can I call you Tay-Tay?) I'm not part of your target audience. I'm old and cranky. But of all the people that my kids fall in love with over the radio, you are my favorite. Because you don't do any of the stupid crap that most celebrities do. You wear actual clothes that mostly cover your body. You don't act like a brat, get drunk and drive, shoplift or make me want to eat off my own arm to get away from you. You rock. 

My kids love you and I hate to admit it, but "Mean" is one of my favorite songs. 

It's hard to laugh when people say mean things about you. In fact, most of us don't ever have to do that, but thanks to your fame, you're gonna. And if you can't find the funny in what they're saying, just close your eyes and laugh at how hard they had to work to insult you. 

And this is all gonna blow over. It's just been a slow month. In a few days someone's going to flash their panties (or lack thereof) getting out of limo and *poof* it's like none of this ever happened. 

Love you sweetie,

P.S. Write about whatever you wanna write about. Don't let anyone ever tell you that your pain doesn't belong to you because someone else gave it to you.