Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Things on Friday - Warm Me Up Edition

This is how I feel. And how I would look if I had mittens.
According to, that searchable depository of useless weather information, it is 23 degrees outside my office. The carpet cleaners have been in next door, meaning that the outside door was propped open and it's been approximately 24 degrees in my office for the better part of the afternoon.

Additionally, the roads, sidewalks and anything standing still for longer than 30 seconds is coated with a thin sheen of ice. In short, winter is here, friends and neighbors.

And I am cold. This is rare. I don't really get cold. I am almost always hot. Burning up hot. To the point where I don't own many sweaters despite my absolute love of anything sweatery.

So, here are Five Things I Need to Warm Me Up (Complete with Pins):

1. Hot Cocoa - I love cocoa. It is absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. I always think I am going to make something amazing like the pin here, but ultimately, I always microwave milk, stir in a packet of mix and plop down a dollop of whipped cream. You know what? Still amazing. Such is the nature of cocoa.

2. Potato Soup - Truth: I could eat potato soup every night for the rest of my life. Another truth: I've never made it from scratch. I think about it a lot, but there's this mix stuff you can get in the grocery and it is amazing. I sprinkle on some shredded cheese and bacon and a little sour cream and oh, heaven.

3. Couch Blankets - My house has three humans living in it. My living room has seven couch blankets. That is more than two blankets per human. Why? Because we are curl up with a blanket people. Well, maybe I'm curl up with a blanket people.

4. Socks - Not normal socks. Fuzzy socks. Wooly socks. Socks with toes or with bears on them. Rainbow striped socks or Hello Kitty knee socks I've borrowed from my kid. I don't even know why weird socks make me feel warmer and happier, but they do.

As a side note, the four above combined with a book makes the best day ever. Seriously.

5. Turquoise Water - I don't even like the beach. I don't like the sand or water that other animals swim in. I don't like hot sun or seashells stabbing the bottom of my flipflops. I don't like bathing suits, shorts or tank tops. Seriously, the beach and I are not friends. And yet, every year, I have this absolute longing for a deserted tropical island.

Are you cold, too? What do you need to warm you up?

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Suze said...

Huh. We just warmed up to the mid-twenties here! I'm still cold, though (I'm always always cold), so I just made myself some tea, which is my favorite way to warm up. That and wearing a wool sweater.