Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's A Million, Ya'll

I try not to talk about the weather round here. The thing is that weather is, sort of by it's definition, regional, so when I'm burning up in the middle of summer, some of ya'll are watching the snow fly. (At least that's what my webstats say, although my comments don't seem to agree.) So, I try to keep that to myself aside from the occasional five things or hate-filled diatribe.

Today is the latter.

I am frickin' miserable, y'all. It is easily a million and twelve degrees. We've already had more days topping 100 than I need in a year, and in case you don't know, July just started. Here in K-Y, we've got two more months of solid summer, one month of nearly summer and about 2 weeks of fall-but-it-might-top-90-anyway. I'm not sure I can take another 8 weeks of this misery.

It's always in this weather that I start thinking about the joys of living elsewhere. My smarter-than-me phone will give me the weather in multiple cities on my home page. I currently am living vicariously in London, Christchurch and Juneau. Because it's not a million degrees.

And tomorrow, oh glorious Independence Day, I get to go sit out in the heat for five hours. Because I am rather fond of my kids and have a hard time denying them the big boomy things in the sky.

Pity me.

Because that's what I'll be doing tomorrow.

To all my 'Merican friends, Happy Fourth! Try to keep breathing and drink lots of fluids.
To my otherwise affiliated friends, spend a day in comfortable temperatures and think of us idiots in the heat.

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Suze said...

It's going to be 100 here on Thursday. In the 12 years I have lived in wisconsin, it has never reached 100 degrees. It's insanity!! Also, there was just an automated message on my voicemail that all the school district summer programs are canceled Thursday and Friday because of excessive heat warnings (none of the sites have a/c). Insanity, I tell you!!!