Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making It - Motorcycle Edition

In groundbreaking amazing news - I finished a Pinterest project! The Diaper Motorcycle!

The pin leads to Sweet April's tutorial complete with great pictures and wonderous instruction and amazing examples. Which leads me to believe that doing a tutorial myself would be a little like re-inventing the wheel. Using spaghetti.

So, I present:

My rendition of the diaper motorcycle!!
The dog is a little small for scale.

So is the ribbon.
Some notes:

  • The wheels are such wicked fun to make that I may do this for every baby shower from not until eternity. 
  • Do not buy an 8 oz. bottle. I debated and was sooo glad I got the 4 oz. size.
  • Plain white diapers are the bomb. Generic diapers are not plain white. Debate.
  • I happened to have a little flat box that was perfect for transporting this thing, but otherwise, I'm not sure how I would have moved it. Disposable platter? Paper box top? Foam core?
In any case, I will accept orders, praise or snark. Be my guest.