Monday, January 16, 2012

Conversations with a Three Year Old - Boy Names Edition

This weekend, we had planned a Saturday night movie night. The kids and I were in the car, headed home and discussing movie choice. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe came up and a discussion ensued about the scariness of the movie.

Maren: I don't think witches are scary. They ride on brooms and that's silly.

Me: This isn't a broom riding witch.

Maren: But witches ride brooms.

Me:  Yeah, but this witch doesn't ride a broom, she has a sleigh and some horses.

Maren: But, I love horses. Horses are my friend. Why would she slay horses.*

Last night, I was watching Zombieland after the kids went to bed. Maren came out of her room.

Maren: I want to sleep with you.

Me: Sorry, baby. I'm watching a scary movie, you'll have to sleep in your bed.

Maren: My bed is boring. And I like scary movies.

Me: This is a really scary movie - with zombies.

Maren: Fine! But I'm not going to sleep. Every again!**

This morning, we were lying in bed, watching a marathon of Top Gear.

Me: See that car, Maren.

Maren: Yeah. It's pretty.

Me: I want one of those.

Maren: Can I buy one when I'm bigger? Peas, peas, peas??

Me: Well, that's the thing about being bigger. You decide how to spend your money.

Maren: I'm going to get one for me and my baby. I'm going to have a boy baby.

Me: Really? What are you going to name your boy baby?

Maren: Sally.

Me: Sally?

Maren: Yeah, but I'm going to call him Gingerbread.*** And I'm going to say, "I love you so much Gingerbread."

*I feel sure that my three year old is more familiar with the word slay than the word sleigh is a sure sign of something. My awesomeness or abject failure? I'm not sure.

**I'm pretty sure she only lasted about three minutes after this dramatic proclamation.

***I'm not sure what I like better, that Sally is now a boy's name or that Gingerbread is somehow short for Sally.


Two Mama said...

I don't remember to read your blog often but it ALWAYS leaves me laughing!! Love to you and your wonderful family!! ~ Ms Darlene

Jessi said...

Awww. We love you too! And miss you!