Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Conversations with a Seven Year Old - MRI Day Edition

Yesterday, Brynna went for an MRI and a visit to the neurologist. We were dealing with her ongoing migraine issues (which, according to the pediatric neurologist, are not all that uncommon in seven year olds - who knew). The good news is that she seems to fine, in that there are no tumors and the migraines, while a total pain, could be much worse. (The bad news is that we spent $1,000 to find out that we are handling things the right way and no course corrections are needed. Huzzah.)

It never occurred to me that this would be comedy gold, but it was. Here are a few snippets.

The night before, I was explaining the process in the car.* Maren started freaking out. Ten minutes later, I was just repeating the same explanations and calming words I'd be saying and still getting nowhere.

Maren: Mommy, mommy, don't let them put Brynna in a tube. Please, that would be very bad. She will be scared.

Me: I'll be there if she gets scared and the tube isn't scary.

Maren: No, tubes are very scary and you can't let her go. Please, I want my sister to stay with me and not go in the tube.

Me: It's not scary. It's just like the tunnels on the base at MiMi's house. She'll be okay and I'll be with her.

Brynna: Listen, It'll be professionals. I'll be fine. It's not like these people didn't listen in college. Of course they did! They're professionals.**

When we were getting ready for the MRI, the tech was explaining what would happen and what Brynna needed to know.

Tech: Okay, so it's going to be really loud, so I'm going to give you some earplugs. I'm going to let your mommy put them in because they feel kind of weird. Have you ever worn ear plugs before?

Brynna: Yes, I wear ear plugs when I shoot guns.***

Finally, at the neurologist's office, we were answering questions.

Dr. J: So, is she physically developing normally? She can run, jump, climb, skip, ride a bike?

Me: She can't ride a bike.

Dr. J: Why not?

Me: shrugs I don't know. She won't let me take the training wheels off.

Brynna: Because it's scary.

Dr. J: It's not that scary. You wear a helmet, that makes it not scary. You wear a helmet, right?

Brynna: Not so much.****

* I tend to think that it works better if I explain everything and give her a chance to deal with it on her own. Note to self - in the car with Maren, not on her own.

** I ended up telling Maren that I had fixed it and they weren't going to put Brynna in a tube. They were going to put her in a cylinder which is clearly less scary. She was strangely fine with this. The power of the synonym.

*** For the record, she's only "shot guns" once, under adult supervision. She wants to turkey hunt, which is fine by me. It's just not something she does all casually all the time like she made it sound.

****  For the other record, she wears her helmet when she is on her bike or her scooter and off of the deck. I don't see the point in making her wear it on the deck. She can't build up speed and the fall isn't that far. If she falls off the deck, that flimsy little Hannah Montana helmet isn't going to be all that much help.


Lisa said...

So I'm terrible at reading your blog consistently, but what!? Brynna has migraines!? Poor girl :-( Glad they didn't find anything serious, but that still stinks.

Jessi said...

Lisa - she's been having them for about a year. They are controllable, but I thought, pretty weird for such a little one. Apparently not as weird as you might think.

Lisa said...

I'm glad they're controllable. I would've thought it was weird too.