Monday, December 5, 2011

A One, A Two, A...

Dearest Maren,

This past weekend, you reached the momentous age of three. Three whole years of your presence on this Earth and I can't imagine the world without you. I wanted to take a moment and tell you a little about your three-year old self.

You are happy. You are the happiest, most content child I've ever met. Despite the fact that you have completely typical meltdowns and temper tantrums and are a bit of a drama queen, you are truly happy with the world around you. You get excited easily and you never cease to find the joy in the mundane. Your bright eyes and easy smile mean that you bring the bright side to all those around you, too. You are liquid cheer, moving through the room and giving everyone a little smile.

You are smart. Every day I am amazed at what you have learned, what you can say and what you understand. You can carry on a conversation and play board games with your big sister. Sometimes I forget how little you still are, because you are so smart. Please, if I continue to do this, please, remember that it's a compliment.

You are beautiful. Everyone thinks so, but I, doubly so. Your curls and your pudge are only the beginning. What makes you beautiful is the glow that comes from within. Your constant interest, curiosity and amazement at the world around you makes you so beautiful. I hope you never lose that. I hope that for the rest of your life, you try to dissect the world and know the hows and whys.

You love things that go - horses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and especially the four wheeler that NiNi and Papaw got you for your big day this year. You are rough and tumble and have no fear when it comes to speed, loud noises and things that go vroom. You love to help Uncle D work on cars and you don't mind getting all dirty and you can teach your momma a thing or two about motors.

But then you turn around and hold a baby doll with such grace and delicacy that it takes my breath away. You can stand there, baby in your arms and grease on your face and remind me that you will never be pigeon-holed. You will defy expectations and stereotypes. You are complex and wonderful.

You may change in the years between me writing this and you reading it. I'm sure, in fact, that some things will change a great deal. But here is what will never change: you will never stop being my girl. My sweet, funny, beautiful, amazing girl. My penguin. My peach pit. My everything.

Happy birthday.


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Joni said...

Awww, happy birthday, Maren!