Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conversations with a Seven Year Old - Witch Edition

At the parade: Me, Brynna, Maren and
Drowning Victim Barbie
So, we're in the car this weekend, heading out to the Christmas parade, which was awesomeness by the way, and I'm telling my mom and Uncle D's girlfriend a story and the following conversation occurred:

Me:... So, this dog is totally terrified of me and I have no idea why. I'm nice to dogs in general and I've never tried to freak this one out.

Brynna: Maybe it thinks you're a witch.

Me: ... Sure. Maybe.

Brynna: 'Cause you have black hair like a witch. And the way you laugh, it's kinda like a cackle.

Me: Cackling Well, yeah, there's that.

Brynna: And you have a pointy nose like a witch.

Me: Yeah, I... WHAT?!?

Apparently, I am okay with laughing like a witch and having witchy hair, even with the whole idea that strange dogs might confuse me with witches, but back up, little girl, did you just insult my nose?!?

I'm not sure what's most disturbing, that she thinks that or that I'm that upset by it. But anyone who knows a good cosmetic surgeon should let me know.

Later on, after the parade and dinner and everything, on the way home, Brynna was chattering to herself in the backseat. Maren was clearly asleep and I was desperate to keep myself awake.

Me: Whatcha talkin' about back there.

Brynna: I'm not really talking to you.

Me: I know, I'm just wondering what you're doing.

Brynna: Playing.

Me: Playing what?

Brynna: You know, that's kinda the point of sitting in the back seat. So I don't have to talk to you about every little thing.

Me: Oh.

And then, when I was putting the girls to bed:

Brynna: Are you coming to tuck me in?

Me: Of course I am.

Brynna: 'Cause you better hurry, I'm very tired.

Me: Five minutes, I promise. I need to read a story to Maren and I'll be right in.

Brynna: Okay, but I can't promise I'm gonna wait up. I might fall asleep.

Me: That's okay, I guess.

I think my usefulness is being phased out. Thank goodness I still feed her and check her homework, otherwise I'd be totally useless.

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ann said...

Hilarious. And, please, never change your face. It's beautiful.