Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Few Random Notes Regarding My Stats

Sometimes, for fun, I look at my stats. And sometimes, I am totally blown away by what I discover.

For instance, my most viewed page ever is Five Things on Friday - Driving in the South Edition. By a lot.

Also filling me with hilarity is my keyword analysis. This is where I find out what weird thing you guys have Googled to find me. So, number one is "driving hand signals," which I guess is why that whole driving in the south thing is so popular. But number two is "subway." Really? And, my favorite, number five is "people getting eaten by sharks."

I don't remember writing about people getting eaten by sharks, but welcome, shark eating aficionados.

Also, some of you are accessing me through Linux systems. Shout out. Because I don't use Linux, but it's just because I'm too lazy.

1 comment:

Strangeite said...

Linux isn't that hard if your lazy (but try it out on a secondary system).

My suggestion would be to find a dirt cheap (or free, since you really can run it on a system from Goodwill, trash day find, etc.) and experiment. You can download Distros for free and you will learn A LOT about what makes an OS tick.