Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Feel as If...

If you hear me utter the words, "I feel as if," chances are good that one of two things is happening. I'm trying to be funny in a too hard, stop trying kind of way. Or I'm trying not to lose my temper or burst into tears.

So you can imagine the hilarity and also slight shame I felt when Brynna said on Sunday night, "I feel as if you are making up excuses to not go to night church."

So, here it is Wednesday, I have a throbbing flourescent lightbulb induced headache, I don't want to cook dinner and damn it, I'm going to church. Because I was called out by a seven year old, that's why.

Wish me luck. Or pray if you are so inclined. I'll be trying to sit in the darkest part of the church.


ann said...

Did you find a dark spot? I need to blog about my night church experience last night.

I love it that God can be our hiding place.

Jessi said...

Actually, the preacher couldn't make it so we canceled church and I found a very dark spot. There was much rejoicing. I did make my mom tell Brynna that church was really canceled, though. :)

ann said...

how funny