Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Things on Friday - Angry Chick Music Edition

I've been hankering for some angry chick music all week. I could explain it, but that would be boring. Unfortunately, I loaned out all my angry chick CD's approximately three years ago (I am thinking that I am not getting them back.) Also, yes, I still live in the 20th century and only own music on CD. What do you want?

Anyway, as my jonesing throughout the week has worsened, I have focused on a couple of songs that I particularly would like to hear. A lot.

My Five Favorite Angry Chick Songs

1. "You Outta Know" by Alanis Morissette - Call me a product of my generation (it's okay, I really don't mind), but I think that this Morissette missive redefined the world of angry chick rock. There were a few songs out there and a couple of artists had even made a career out of vocalizing an entire gender's anger, but Alanis brought it to the forefront. This song was everywhere and everyone knew all the words to it. Alanis became synonymous with girl-rage and inspired an entire movement of angry songs. Without this one, we would have been bereft of a lot of great songs that came after. Sing it Alanis - he should have known.

2. "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson - Okay, so I hate American Idol and everything for which it stands. The idea of popularizing the manufacturing of "pop stars" sickens me. And from the very beginning, I wanted nothing to do with this show or anything or anyone it produced. Then Kelly won and everyone was all swooning over her and - whatever - I was above it all. Then, one day, I found myself going down the road, screaming this song at the top of my lungs and I realized something. I have to like someone who makes me sing so loud I get a sore throat. It's like a requirement.

3. "Kerosene" by Miranda Lambert - There are angry chick country songs. But the last few years have seen a relative explosion. No more "Stand by Your Man," or even "Whoever's in New England." No, the women of country have embraced - pretty much as a whole - "These Boots were Made for Walkin'" and I think that's a good thing. Miranda, for what it's worth, has a pretty good spot in that. She has more angry songs than anyone else I can think of, including the Dixie Chicks. And she's better at it than Taylor Swift, who I love anyway. There's something powerful to me in the imagery of this song. Burn it down, honey!

4. "Out of Me" by Ani DiFranco - I discovered Ani in college (I guess nearly everyone who has discovered Ani discovered her in college) and after a particularly nasty break-up, I laid on my dorm room floor for hours on end listening to the entire Dilate album. (Remember that, remember when albums were a thing and a cohesive theme and feel to a collection of songs made greatness? Yeah, me too.)

5. "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin - A list of girls and music is never complete (as least when completed by Jessi) without some Janis. It's hard to think of Janis as angry for me, because she's just so impassioned, so powerful. But take a moment and really listen, soak up the growl in her voice and the sarcasm in the words. This is anger. This is barely concealed rage. This is what angry girl music is all about. Love ya, Janis.

What's your favorite piece of angry chick music?


Suze said...

Kelly sings it SOOOOO much better than Avril. Avril annoys me (when I pay attention....which is rare). Since her Idol win, Kelly Clarkson has done some pretty cool, gritty stuff, and I respect her for that.
And thanks for the nod to Janis :)

Suze said...

Oh, and since you asked for our own favorites, do you know Nellie McKay? Her lyrics make it hard for me to listen to with young ears around, but she's got some really good stuff.

Jessi said...

I haven't heard Avril do that one. I haven't heard of Nellie McKay, I'll be looking her up, though. Thanks!

Suze said...

D'oh. Lost my whole comment there. Anyway, i was just going on about how awesome Nellie McKay is. Here's her website:

Suze said...

P.S. Check out "Sari" from her debut album. You'd like it.