Monday, July 25, 2011

Making It! - Trinket Box Edition

Lovely with a little necklace, this would also be nice
with a handful of chocolates!

Way back on around Mother's Day, I wanted to make a few little gifts for the occasion. I got one finished. (Does anyone notice a pattern?)

I made this little trinket box for my Mother in Law and stuffed it with a little necklace. You can click here for the pattern I used. I used some of the wonderful hand-dyed sock yarn that Suze gifted me and it worked wonderfully. The wool content gave it a little extra rigidity, especially in the sides, but it didn't lose any of the softness. 

It has an overstuffed look
from the side.
The only thing that I had a difficult time with was making the lid fit. Really, the lid won't fit the box when the box isn't full. I found that out the hard way. After about two hours of panicking, I stuffed the box full of tissue paper and the lid slid right on. I also chose to make one larger, two-layered flower rather than the cluster of flowers suggested in the pattern. The reason for this was mostly laziness, but also yarn selection. I didn't want to buy a whole skein of sock weight yarn for three tiny flowers, when I could easily do something like this.

Key shown for scale.
All in all, I was quite pleased with the project. I think it's a lovely way to add something special to a small gift and is very nice as a gift on it's own. I love trinket boxes. If I ever get really and truly bored, I may make a handful of these to keep on hand just for such occasions. I do think I'm going to experiment, though, and try to come up with a square version, the round was a bit tricky and I think the lid issue may be alleviated by nice stiff corners.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You are a treasure for a trinket box. (And I'm a cheeseball.)


Suze said...

I'm so tickled you used the yarn I sent you, too :)

Anonymous said...

But, wait...Isn't your mil's name Deborah? Why the "a" necklace? Is it for 'angel'?


Jessi said...

Suze - It worked up so lovely! And I've still got plenty for more little treasures.

Ann - Actually, her name is Brenda. The "A" is actually the Eiffel tower. Brynna had one like it and wanted to get one for Mawmaw.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. Deborah didn't sound quite right...