Thursday, July 21, 2011

Conversations with a Six Year Old

In the car, on the way to camp:

Brynna: Can I hear the fire song?
Me: No.
Brynna: Why?
Me: Because I've switched the CD 20 times in 10 minutes. The stereo is tired and so am I. Also, there's a freakin' heat wave and the CD's are hot when they come out of the stereo and it's making me hotter. So no. No fire song. Maybe on the way home.
Brynna: I don't like this song.
Me: I don't like the puppy dog song, but I suffer through. It's your turn to suffer.
Brynna: But grown-ups are used to suffering and kids aren't.
Me: The consider it a life lesson. Everyone suffers. Doing it well and gracefully is a useful skill.
Brynna: I only suffer when it's hot.
Me: Well, with the summer we've had you should be used to it, then.
Brynna: I'm not going to talk about suffering anymore. I want the fire song.

At home while I'm making supper:
Me: Brynna, can you feed and water the cats?
Brynna: No.
Me: Let me rephrase: feed and water the cats.
Brynna: I'm busy.
Me: Doing what?
Brynna: Answering your questions, mostly.
Me: Oh, well, I'm busy too.
Brynna: Doing what?
Me: Taking the cats to the freakin' pound.
Brynna: I'm coming.

After coming home in an un-air-conditioned car in 1300 degree weather.
Brynna: Mommy, why are you sad?
Me: I'm not sad.
Brynna: You look sad. You look horrible.
Me: I'm hot. And tired. And hot. Also, you shouldn't tell people they look horrible. It almost always hurts their feelings.
Brynna: So, I should lie.
Me: No, you just shouldn't mention it. If you can't say something nice, just don't say anything.
Brynna: Mommy, you look.
Me: Not exactly what I had in mind.


Suze said...

this. is. hilarious.
I love these conversation posts!!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oh, man, I echo Suze. Love these! (When I was a teen, and my mom would grit her teeth, smile that smile that was just a little dangerous and say, "I hope one day you have a child just. like. you" I didn't get it. Now I do. I totally do. Usually I can laugh about it. But there are times when I feel beating my head against a brick wall would be more productive....)